Fear and power is the cancer knot of Hindu life!

Did we Hindus ever have an idea that we should make our golden age with our own hands?, Thinking like this is not possible in the Hindu character. Why, Because he has been waiting for the incarnation of God for millennia. In his illusion, slavery was allowed to ripen. While living a dreadful life, he made the existence Brahman. Considered the Kaliyuga kings as incarnations and considered themselves as their floats., worshiped his lies. evidently a disorder in the Hindu character, His cancers are literally poisonous knots made of fear and power. Because of these, Hindu life was in shambles for centuries and is and will be in future also. will never understand what to do,

There are two types of human beings. Lively or deadhearted. free or slave. Free or pet. Fearless or fearful. Means either human beings living life like humans or insensitive people living like animals. this difference history, It is made up of experience and environment. After all, even the children of a lion in a cage must have the nature of living in a cage. Growing up, they cannot realize that they are the kings of the jungle. Such is the case of man. many population groups, religious, If we live in the cages of thought by basic karma, then the hereditary track is responsible for the reason. Life goes on like that. They cannot sense in their innocence that their life is not like a human being. Nor will they know that courage and the way, to get them out of the cage, Show your effort. Become the god of glory and return the golden age to your hands. Convert your democracy to Ram Rajya, Just like the Scandinavian countries have done.

What a waste! Where did I reach from?

But think whether we Hindus ever got an idea that we should make our own golden age with our own hands., Thinking like this is not possible in the Hindu character. Why, Because he has been waiting for the incarnation of God for millennia. In his illusion, slavery was allowed to ripen. While living a dreadful life, he made the existence Brahman. Considered the kings of Kaliyuga as incarnations and considered themselves as their floats., worshiped his lies. evidently a disorder in the Hindu character, His cancers are literally poisonous knots made of fear and power. Because of these, Hindu life was in shambles for centuries and is and will be in future also. we will never understand what to do, Neither the intellect nor the way opens. How can the intelligence of parrots locked in cages be opened?, He will say whatever the master wants. The owner will say Ram-Ram and the parrot will say Ram-Ram. the owner will say, have fun, Tell tales, Birbal will please his master Akbar. If the owner will say, take my aarti in my tongue (language), then everyone will learn that tongue like Akbar., white like, like nehru, No one else like Modi will start singing songs.… Imagine what fruit we Hindus get from such a cage for centuries., Only fear and parrot to live in rote ,Power,, Hereditary in the cages of power of the Hindu character District Elahi equally blunt, It was dim and subdued, as in the 20-21st century, he was watching the Prime Minister and is. Prime Minister (King-Power) is Mai-Baap, God’s incarnation and from him all the protection-protection-development.

Oops! Such incomprehension despite centuries of reverse experience. Yes, His political philosophy (ie the king is God incarnate and every era, In every crisis, Hindus will be deceived in the tradition of Prithviraj Chauhan, in order to save the Hindus., found the independence of heretical power, Hindus still with the same political belief, What does it mean if they are sticking as they are after 1947?, Is it not to be lived in stupor, Even in the last 75 years, Hindus considered many as incarnations. Sometimes Aarti of Pandit Nehru and sometimes of Narendra Modi. at the country level, at the state level, At the level of caste, the avatar is the avatar. In this again the incarnated rulers in their power temple, Inviting the devotees with their floats and discourse-propaganda to do so, Do that and vote for me, vote at the feet of Shri Ram!

Similar Hindu life existed even before the Muslim invasions. We Hindus lived in the political philosophy of being an Avatar king or as a slave, so seldom waited on the trust of Dharmasya Glanirbhavati India. Keep the belief that the incarnation will descend from Devlok, then there will be a resurrection of the Hindus. In such a spirit, thousand years of slavery fell into the power. Fear, Dedication, accustomed to escape and domesticated life. time has, The 19th century changed the climate of the earth and the wind of freedom reached India, even then we Hindus in the name of freedom ,Power, Sitting down for the transfer. by surprise experiments of a mahatma ,Power, Wanted Swaraj for transfer. That incarnate Mahatma also ,Power, When he saw Ram Rajya coming from him, his god man Nehru thought his socialism blossomed. The Hindu was just a spectator. He was also applauded for Mahatma and also for Nehru because both were considered miraculous incarnations. temple of both, Worship took place and house to house ,Power, that she started reaching the prasad, Due to which the life and power of the Hindu became dependent.

Therefore, if someone calls the power of power or the independence of power, the nectar (poison) of the 75th nectar year of independent India, then he can say so.

I repeatedly, I constantly return to the axis of government and power. Because apart from this there is no other axis to turn Hindu life around. The Sun is the only power in the life of Hindus. Satta is the planetary condition of Hindu life. Sun, Mars, saturn, The moon is everything. As the ascending or descending phase of power will be there, so will the Hindu character have a flurry of behavior.

Believe it or not, we believe that after August 15, 1947, we Hindus have made the power in our hands such a father., Such intoxication has been made of him that all the nerves of character and mind are his slaves. power is magic, everything that is simple, every job, every problem, The solution to every concern and every challenge. Only then will the conduct of a Hindu always be in power. Then no matter how bad the time may be because of it, people die endlessly, But the anti-revolution is not possible in the character of the Hindu. Because centuries of authoritarianism have created such a hereditary surrender of the Hindus that there is the end and that is the means. It can be said that every country in the world is for power and government. Then why should I lock the Hindus in the bottle of power?, I feel dumb and helpless. Because in other civilizations, people and countries ,Power, The work of construction has been done by the original residents-citizens of the same civilization-culture. Whereas the Hindus are those strange people in the present place of the earth., built by the owners of other civilizations, Leave the Mughals-British’s Kotwal-law-ruled slavery cages ,Power, has flown. of Hindus ,Power, Hindu civilization is not composed of culture, Rather he is Islam-Christian, Composed of Western Civilization. ,Power, Because the Mughal-English is from the heritage, then how can it be for the independent consciousness of Indian, Hindu, its title, its origin, its human rights, dignity.,

The issue is confusing. Keep the notes thick enough that Britain, France, Europe, power in america, The Constitution and the Government themselves in the historical experiences of the people of the ground upheaval, renaissance, mass rebellion, revolution, Feudal Shahi – Monarchy – Dictatorship – Bureaucracy – Subordination – Against Slavery). who is his self made, is built-in. Exactly opposite what we Hindus did, The Kotwal power of the centuries-old Delhi Takht was transferred to the British and formed his government from it. Keep note The character of Kotwal of Chandni Chowk or Ghasiram Kotwal of Pune is representative of that age-old authority., Due to which foreign-heretics ruled the Hindu heart and mind by creating fear. The same has been kept by independent India. ,Power, We have accepted that system even in the twenty-first century with the proverb that fear binu hoi na preeti. think, Chandni Chowk Kotwal of district Elahi’s time, The Superintendent Kotwal of the time of the white British and the three power forms of the CBI SHO of the present position of Narendra Modi in independent India, what power to scare Hindus with, were not inclined to keep them in slave-cages, or are not, If so, what does this reveal about the Hindu character and accordingly the character of India?, In the history of Aurangzeb to Curzon and Curzon to Nehru and Nehru to Narendra Modi, if only by keeping people horrified in the Kotwal system ,rule, The ruling system is the destiny of the Hindus, then the Hindus have their own dignity., self made in freedom, how to live original, He will always remain a servant. Where democracy would have become an authoritarian system, the people’s representatives would also rule the people. My father! That is why even the modern public representative of Hindus is not a law maker in Parliament, responsible on behalf of the people., Rather, the Prime Minister or the princes-bureaucrats-power is only obedient to stamp the laws made in their own will. Meaning as the British make laws, Ideas used to come from London in the same way even today in Delhi ,rule, Laws are made to do so. farmers, workers, Law from above for everyone. Don’t think of this truth in the context of Modi government only. All the laws of socialism made by Pandit Nehru in his Idea of ​​India were also the ideas of him and his officers., was in drafting, In which neither the language of the general public nor the sentiment was there.

In India before and after 1947 by power over the people ,rule, The difference in approach is so much that Hindus then Mughals, Whites were considered heretics-foreigners, whereas after independence ,rule, If he understands the power of his being, therefore it is naturally devoted to him, then snatches from him., hunger, Corruption, The target of loot has been kept separate. ruling nehru, If Modi has become a god for a Hindu, then power has become an end and a means in the mind of the people and the hunger to fulfill it is everywhere.

s / o, in India after 1947 ,rule, to do,What about me, to satisfy hunger ,Power, There is also the form of means and desire. Clearly a new extension of the pre-1947 power nature, Adding new dimensions to it. of India ,Power, the primary quality of princes of pleasure, without accountability ,rule, And it is because of the dreaded-insecure Hindu fabric.

Interesting thing. Understanding the mood and character of the people in their colonies, the British made different types of police systems. Indians, Especially in the fearful character of the Hindus, they liked the Kotwal system of the Mughals, and by adopting it, the British made new laws in 1860-61 and made it more precise. Kotwal focused ,Indian Police, The British made such a surety, Due to which where his rule was strengthened, there was also a belief among the slaves of the people that if there is no police, then he is not safe. British insecurities of slave Hindus, Making the police uniform a self-styled power by cashing in on the fear and their ethnic disparity. Only then, in the reality of hereditary fear in the average Hindu psychology, where the brutal use of the police was made by the power, the police were also self-styled kings and judges., By doing arbitrarily. Then to milk the Hindu Saiki ,Power, Police form of and its use in India as such, Which will not be found anywhere in the British colonies from Canada to New Zealand. With this the enemy can be killed in India. Caste war can be fought through him. An encounter can be made with him. Politics can be done from him, from making the government to him, things like collecting and collecting majority and money are done. The applause of the public can be found by shooting the fugitives. Illegal business of drugs etc. can be done. A ransom can be made. For all this, only the intention of the owner and the power of money is needed. Prime minister, Just a call from the Chief Minister. Think how easy and cheap power formulas, tools. And no prime minister, Hindu king or Narendra Modi is not aware, nor Hindu citizen or fearful., The slave race has an understanding and awareness that because of this, fear is increasing in the society. This is why Hindus are not becoming, rather hollow, becoming frightened and corrupt.

think, The way Narendra Modi-Amit Shah in their Hindushahi, CBI, Agencies like ED and commissioners of police, Taking the task of creating terror from the Thanedars, what effect would it have on the Hindu character?, I am giving the example of Modi government because both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah themselves have gone through the horror of the Kotwal character of power. Despite this, if they ,rule, The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to create fear from the Kotwals, then you can understand how long ago the Mughals and the British caught the horror of the character of the Hindus and how they ruled for centuries. s / o, It is easy to rule India and control its power or control the Hindus because ,Power, The self-styled god and the citizen terribly devoted to him. The essence of fear and the element of power. The knot of fear and poison of power. This is the lump of cancer of Hindu life, by which society, Religion, The body is living an empty life. (Ongoing)

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