Fearlessness and horror infused into the Jewish vs. Hindu character

Think, what is the other race in the world that has wandered for centuries like the Hindus? After the Hindu, then there is the history of the Jews, who were left homeless for centuries. Got hurt a lot. Nevertheless, the nomadic life of the Jews was fluttering in the consciousness of slavery versus freedom. He did not let fear dominate his heart and mind. He kept himself worldly, relevant and stubborn with his intellect. On the contrary, Hindus tied slavery in fear and considered it to be destiny. Created the nature of timepass with escape, dedication and devotion.

How is Kaliyuga yours?-4 : India is in the nectar year of independence, while in Israel it is the nectar year from May. Consider the difference between India vs Israel in this coincidence. What is India’s ‘nectar’ of seventy-five years and Israel’s ‘nectar’? How did it reveal the Hindu character and how about the Jews? Is not this character of the Jews proved that they live fearlessly while building their country in Vasundhara, truth, wisdom, bravery and heroic enjoyment. Quite the opposite, we Hindus, in the cage of lies-silence, fear-devotion and power, live dependent on it? Keep in mind that the comparison of Hindu vs Jew is accurate for many reasons. Think, what is the other race in the world that has wandered for centuries like the Hindus? Not even one. No one! Because of that, the experience of centuries of subjugation of Hindus is rare. After the Hindu, then there is the history of the Jews, who were left homeless for centuries. Got hurt a lot. Nevertheless, the nomadic life of the Jews was fluttering in the consciousness of slavery versus freedom. The Jews stumbling from door to door in Europe and West Asia to save themselves. Despite this, the wisdom of the Jew was not suppressed by fear. They did not become fearful and mortifying. They also lived the homeless life in solidarity and co-operation. He did not let fear dominate his heart and mind. He kept himself worldly, relevant and stubborn with his intellect. On the contrary, Hindus tied slavery in fear and considered it to be destiny. Created the nature of timepass with escape, dedication and devotion. As a result, one after the other, he used to travel centuries in those situations, in that mood, which created layers of fear in his heart, slavery to power.

The basic thing is for Hindus to become fearful in history! Century-by-century of fear, anxiety, insecurities. It was ‘Fear’ that made the Hindu the keeper of the house, the shell and the curtain. The composition of his society changed. The way of life was made of deep, dark wells. The Kali Yuga of superstitions, lies, the turmoil of the frog in the well became that Kali Yuga, due to which the truth vanished and the intellect was blunt.

Don’t become such a Jew. He was fighting with his intellect and consciousness in the quest to save lives. His mind remained awake. They were also creating an opportunity in the European Renaissance. Whenever the Jews got a chance, they were flying and giving something to the world.

The exact opposite was the conduct of the Hindus. We waited for the new owner even in times of vacuum and empty throne in the Delhi Sultanate! The experience of history has destroyed our understanding of the difference between freedom and slavery! Then there is this tragedy which is not there even in the twenty-first century with the sane Hindu intellect considering its mental disorders. Far from being research, curriculum, study-teaching, psychological research, we are not even ready to accept-understand and remember that what would have been the effect of thousand years of dependence on our psychology, our psychi? Even after independence, the mood in which we have taken decisions and the way we have behaved in life is not due to the vices of power-fear and fear?

Think, why do India’s speed in both the pre-independence and post-independence phases have definite nature and results! Obviously the reason is psychological or psychic. of character. It is that mood that runs on the track of thousand years of experiences. Just as Hindus got a chance to live with dignity in 1947, they got their own nation-state, similarly in 1948, homeless Jews got Israel. Two races, two countries. Both were scorched by history. Both in the face of the challenge of Islam and in the face of civilizational conflict. Where Israel became the identity of the Jews, India took the identity of the Hindus. From this, Jews and Hindus began to be recognized in the world community. Meaning the then modern entry of Jews and Hindus into the world theater in 1947-48. He had to show himself by making himself in front of the world.

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So who showed what? The Jews did wonders and the Hindus did? In response, we have to understand ourselves in the mirror of the world or we have to weigh in our understanding of knowledge and intellect whether we have the status like Israel? While the Jews as a nation are up to the global criteria, in the achievements and practice of the Hindu identity, what is the achievement in India’s status? Has the tag of being the largest democratic country in the world? But what are the citizens carrying that tamasha, the ‘nectar’ of freedom? Do Hindus have the same fearlessness and fearlessness in front of the power of the Jews? In the Jewish system, the entrepreneurship, intelligence, truth, originality of the people have blossomed there, is it like that in the Indian system? Do we stand before the true discoveries of the research-daring determination of the Jews? Has there been any pride in the originality, creativity of Hindu intellect in the 21st century? How many Nobel Prizes are in the account of Hindu?

75 years of India vs Israel experience is the difference between jugaad vs original creation. The foundation-building built by Pandit Nehru in India and David Ben-Gurion in Israel in 1947-48 and thereafter in the character of their race and ethnicity is a testimony to itself that the Hindus have lost their time, their land, and so forth. Growing up was only due to the global wind, time and dynamics of society, while the Jews caught the time, straightened it and showed that bravery of determination to tell the world the collective strength of the enemy Arab countries – Veer Bhogya Vasundhara. For now, there is no need to get bogged down in the debate about the treatment of the Jews to the Palestinians. Right now the issue is the problem of the Jews, their leaders, of the apparent character before the challenge. How their decisions-results and how for us Hindus! When freedom and self-government became an opportunity for Hindus, did the Hindu leadership not accept the partition of the country in fear and horror? Not even on his own terms! Was the Hindu leadership not scared? So frightened that the country refrained from calling itself a Hindu, while there was division in the truth of religion. Then what is the fate of the 75 years after that? Are the country and Hindus still not maintaining the fear of Muslims? Hindushahi has also created Muslim fear in its own country, is asking for votes by creating fear of insecurity among Hindus!

Such politics is not done by the Jewish leaders of Israel. Leaders and citizens, being true, courageous, hardworking, have maintained the belief from day one till today that if there is a country in it, then should there be a fear of a Muslim in it. We have to move forward, be strong, then automatically we will overcome the challenges. The Jews did not build their character and their country to be jugglers, imitators, service providers, superstitious, accustomed to living in lies and fear. We Hindus will not accept this fact, we will not accept the fact that both the Jewish government and the citizens live without fear of security. Every day we hear reports of Israel-Palestinian conflict and violence. Despite this, the life of the Jews is easy and confident. There will be neither Jewish horrors nor personal security frills to be seen in Israel. There is no special agency like SPG for the Prime Minister there. The Jews sitting in positions like PM, minister, parliamentarian, officer live in normal private security. Usually drive the car himself. Means security-police is not that clumsy frills which are made up of MLA to Prime Minister, SP to DGP in India. The courage of the Jews is reflected in their simple life without fear, while we Hindus create a status of fear by encircling the security personnel. Not only this, the Prime Minister of India also performs the Mahamrityunjaya Yagya in horror despite all the security frills. It worries the whole country. It considers the human rights of citizens a threat to security. Human rights organizations such as Amnesty International in Israel are acting blatantly, but every day they issue global press releases of Israeli coercion on Palestinians, but the masculinity of Jews who tolerate criticism and not ban Amnesty or the absurdity of India. Who is forced to leave Amnesty India. Moreover, it is not even news that the Israeli government has used spy software like Pegasus made for army-enemy-police for the leaders, journalists, activists there. The Israeli company sold the software to the world, but the government did not do the work of spying on Jewish citizens, making them fearful, then what is evident?

The most stinging difference is that of originality-talent-self-respect. The Jews have made the lost language so rich in 75 years and have adopted it in the national practice in such a way that Hebrew has IT, social media, serials, newspapers, literature, whereas we Hindu Sanskrit far away Hindi and other languages ​​also. In what condition? What is the difference between slavery and self-respecting character, it can be understood by the difference of mother tongue usage in 75 years of India and Israel as a country. We Hindus didn’t even dare to adopt our own languages! Only then Hindus are rolling in the bumps of time, earning their bread from the gullibility of the language of the owners. Only then do we live like this only by the inherent dynamism of time-society and not by our own self, our independent original life. No wonder, whether it is India’s development of a hundred and fifty years ago to become the basic rail of railways or India’s development of bullet train, we have got the modern intelligence of all from other civilizations. what not?

The reason is clear. The character and life of the Hindu, because the nation is the character, so the enslaved-ruled authority will not allow our soul to come out of the cage of fear. If there is already a bonded mood bound by fear, slavery, then neither the subjects can be free nor the king. How can that courage arise from the combination of both bonded life and bonded kingdom, so that the intellect blossoms and we are flying in truth and knowledge-science. Well, a race that does not dare to adopt its native language, whose heart and mind is driven and dragged by a few thousand words of an imposed foreign language, will he think original, write original and give original to the world? Then how can he make the original contribution to the human world which the Hindu was giving in Satyug with the power of his language, his intellect? Whether it is the Vedas or the zero of mathematics or the philosophy of Yoga and Nirvana!

am i wrong?

Only then tie the knot that we Hindus cannot feed hundreds of flowers, original fruits with closed-fearing intellect, society and religion! Our intellect cannot deserve the Nobel Prize. Yes, something like this can happen to a Hindu outside India in the climate of freedom, it is possible in America, Britain, but not at all in India with a frightening environment. Leave one or two exceptions and myths and check the reality in the truth of the India crowd of 110 crore Hindus, then Jugaad is its own truth. Imitation and shortcuts are life. Therefore, from where is it possible to create something real, from where is the original brainstorming? If this truth is applicable to the countries following the religion of Islam, then it is also evident from the experience of China-Russia with the system of dictatorship. A closed-slave-terrible society can live by imitation and juggling and can be made like China or Saudi Arabia by human and nature exploitation, but Silicon Valley or an explorer with intelligence and courage cannot be like America!

We-you can hate America, Europe, Capitalism and Entrepreneurship but how can we ignore the truth! In the last three hundred years, the atomic explosion of man’s intellect, which has become intellectual rituals, and the truth-knowledge-science-idea that has been discovered and refined by the new environment created by the European Renaissance, what can deny that human achievement? Are? Those who do not believe in achievements, they live in the world of the dull-witted-poor glands of the farr-turr of the well. Those people are certainly those psychopaths of uncouth intellect, who believe in fear that life tied to a well is life (safe).

We Hindus have not only ignored the DNA of fear for seventy five years, but in the name of inverted order, created that environment of situations, law and order, from which panic has spread further. People’s enterprise, people’s freedom is dead. The spirit of fear and surrender to power in our lives is ingrained in the mood in the same natural way as it was before 1947. Therefore, it is not surprising that back in the 75th nectar year, the sounds of the battle of Panipat, the civil war are being heard. Sometimes this sound is from the west, sometimes from the north, sometimes from the east, and sometimes it is handed over to the tukde-tukde gang within the country!

So the crisis is acute and deep. The fear of history in the character of Hindu is not taking the name of erasing. On the contrary, it is spreading from decade to decade. Our politics, leadership is based on fear and on fear. That’s where the vote is. In it there is a round the clock dangers narrative. Muslim fear. Fear of Pakistan Fear of the CIA. Fear of China Fear of conversion Fear of love jihad Fear of Kotwal-Mafia! Fear of traitors, traitors. Even more frightening than this is the fear of the laws and agencies of the mother and father government of the country. Think what a democracy! Is this all in the land of the Jews? No. (Ongoing)

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