‘Fearlessness’ in the knuckles of us Hindus!

It is important to remember that we Hindus have been slaves for thousand years. Only then will we be able to think of a cure for the disorders that have been going on for centuries. The Hindu nature of centuries of being devoted or worshiped in ‘fear’ in front of every time, every circumstance and every rule, whether native or heretic, is not to be lost just like this. ….we have the DNA of how to surrender in our every nook and cranny. Understand this in brief also in the truth of the events of 1857 to 1947.

‘Fear’ is our DNA then how free journalism? -1

If the history and truth of Hindus is to live in ‘slavery’ and ‘fear’ then how will the present be different? From history itself, there is panic in people’s hair and hair, only then the media is not speaking and showing the truth. We have lived continuously in fear and lies. Think, is our contemporary history being written honestly? Has the independence of 1947 and democracy made the insistence of freedom of expression, human rights in the minds of Hindus? If he is not, then what is the reason not to fear in front of power? Was the history of the last 75 years written with truth or influenced by the Prime Minister and power? Similarly, what is the history of the freedom struggle of pre-independence with truth-objectivity? How is the thousand year history written before that? What courage do we Hindus have to write and tell the blind to the blind, the ear to the ear, the fool to the fool, slavery to slavery, lies to lies, dictator to dictator, destruction to destruction? Has it ever happened in the memory, conduct, speech and writing of Hindus in thousand years of slavery, in whose heroic rasa, truth has been accepted truthfully? Barring two or four exceptions, two or four Rana Prataps, the brave men of Sikh Gurus, the rich of a few pen pens, is our interview with history not with the timidity of fear? Is it not by Charana and Bhakti Vandana?

It is necessary to mention again and again that we Hindus have been slaves for thousand years. We will have the intellect to remember this, only then we will be able to think of a cure for the disorders that have been going on for centuries. The nature of centuries of being devoted or worshiped in ‘fear’ in front of every time, every circumstance and every rule of country or heretic is not to end like this. We will have to think and find solutions to get rid of the curse of ‘fear’, only then we will be able to face the future conflicts of civilizations with vivacity. Believe that the race, the community cannot fight with suicidal faith in power. After all, like the people, so is the power. There is a weave of power in our fearfulness. That’s when she behaves like a liar, a liar and a fraud with her subjects. There is no scope for those who can live a life without freedom, freedom and get global glory.

Journalism of India is a mirror of Hindu mood. The pride of the community is not a stigma. It has been 75 years since we got independence, adopted democracy. Despite this, there is journalism with the reality of living with historical horror. In the morning-evening-afternoon, whenever India’s TV channel owners, anchors, journalists make news bulletins, write articles or speak, in this breath of fear that Narendra Modi and his Prime Minister’s office may not get angry. Don’t get trolled. He should not be considered as anti-Hindu, anti-national, traitor. This ‘fear’ in more or less proportion is a constant in the journey of independent India. Then whether it be in the form of silence or devotion or crawling from infatuation towards the Prime Minister. In exception, even if there were two or four owners like Ramnath Goenka, Bhamashah, it was due to the rare birth rites of watching the spectacle of the house burnt.

am i wrong?

Consider the thousand years of Hindu history. Remember how many fearless men have shown the courage to challenge the people by standing in front of kings, power, sword, dictatorship and oppression? Have you fought for rights and freedom? Have you bowed down to power? Has there been a revolution?

One can say that we got independence in 1947 by fighting. We forced Mahabali British Empire to give independence. The freedom struggle made the Hindus fearless and fearless. Freedom is an earned effort of courage, fearlessness, not an unearned boon!

R u serious? If this were the case, then why would independent India have been born by sticking to the system made by the British, by sticking to the glue of officer-kotwal-law and regulations? Why would the public be in the cradle of Pandit Nehru’s mother-baap government? Why would people have surrendered their courage, courage, selflessness in the spirit of devotion before the power of Prime Minister Nehru? Why did the self, my independence depend on the mother-father government?

There is a diversion. But it is important to understand that how our every knuckles have the DNA to surrender. Just briefly understand the truth of the events from 1857 to 1947. First of all, note that the contact of the British, their association, Western education created the consciousness of freedom, social reforms among the Hindus. Slavery started stinging in his intellect. There was that sense of freedom, in which religion also became turbulent. This happened in both Muslim and Hindu religions. The use of pig and cow’s fat in cartridges incited the Muslims and Hindu soldiers as well. Suddenly the devout soldiers of the Muslim-Hindu subjects revolted in the flag of the humble Mughal emperor. Obviously it was a religious political fidget, in which the flag was Mughal. The British took that lesson seriously. Then the British carved out the Hindu-Muslim conflict. Thought out the political strategy ahead. Congress was formed.

When Gandhi entered that Congress, it was with religion. As soon as Gandhi left the suit-boots and wore nappies, dhoti and sticks, he started entering the religious vision of Hindus as a saint. He touched the heart of the Hindu. Gandhi became a ‘saint’ among Hindus by things like non-violence-Satyagraha-Ramdhun. The chemistry of the devotees was formed from the saint. Gandhi’s politics became the company of Hindus. If you want, consider it to create consciousness through the use of religion. It was a jugaad to create the consciousness of freedom through religion in the mind of the common man. Gandhi’s innate ‘Mahatma’ reputation was to make Hindus think from house to house that there is a saint who wears a dhoti with the whites, Laat Saheb. He observes a fast, conducts meetings in the morning and worships in the evening. Goat drinks milk etc-etc! Meaning a devotional narrative!

Similarly, Gandhi made a religious call for chemistry from Muslims as well. As soon as he took over the command of the Congress, he called upon the Muslims to wake up, get up and we have to organize a Khilafat movement against the injustice being done to the Turkish caliphate by the British. You have to save your Khalifa Raj.

The whole approach was to make you compatible in devotion and reverence at the heart of religion. Due to this, gradually, in the aura of Gandhi’s company, the Congress became that political branch under him, in which it would be whatever Bapu would like. Swaraj, Purna Swaraj, socialism, swadeshi, nationalism, capitalism, all issues of leadership, ideas, faces (Nehru-Patel-Subhas-Rajagopalachari-Acharya Narendra) on the stage of Gandhi’s prayer meeting dedicated to Bapu’s will! Why did all this become possible, then I believe that it was due to the innate instincts of Hindu conduct from the Bhakti period. In the various experiments and discourses of non-violence, satyagraha, Ram Rajya, along with the service of saints, Bapu, Mahatma and their accomplices, satsangs and sevadars, Hindus have been thinking about the afterlife for centuries, then why will there not be devotion and faith?

In Gandhi’s approach, the devotion of the Hindus was created, while the Muslims broke. The Muslim League-Muhammad Ali Jinnah made a different choice and path. His path was in the spirit of the winning community. Means Pakistan will take from the fight. Gandhi was shocked but he was not worried because he was the ‘Gandhi Baba’ of the majority of Hindus in the population of 300 million, whose experiments in nature and effect were wonderful, which brought Gandhi’s fame to the world and the pride of Hindus. Made. The fame is such that in 1930, Gandhi was the ‘Year Purush’ of the global magazine Time.

Obviously, understanding the devotional-fearful mood of the Hindu, no other leader could make the Hindu satsang that Gandhi created. That is why between 1917 and 1947, no other narrative, ideological movement, method of struggle clicked among Hindus. That situation was icing on the cake for the British. Gandhi’s ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ movement was useful in the British gentrification of the twentieth century because how much the empire was getting spoiled by symbolic non-violent satyagrahas! On the contrary, in front of Gandhi’s aura of being a Mahatma, all the Hindu fighters like fearless, passionate, do-die authoritarian-libertarian-extremist Khudiram Bose, Savarkar, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Bose were either marginalized or discredited. The British rulers then used to take the help of Gandhi philosophy to make these fearless, fearless, fighting fighters astray, invalid, and justify their execution.

Think in the population of 30 crores then Hindu Mahasabhas like Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya of Banaras were not accepted among Hindus. Subhash Bose, who gave the call of ‘You give me blood, I will give you freedom’, did not become a superhero but Gandhi became the father of the nation, was it not a natural result of the magic of Hindu devotional tradition? If Manas has the DNA of ‘bhakt-horror’, will he like ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ or the bravery of Bhagat Singh? That’s when the period from 1917 to 1947 was basically the time of satyagrahas, the service of the saints of Sabarmati, their devotional-sangat. In those days, the fearless, fearless-voiced, revolutionary of freedom, either Chand Bhagat Singh or it was Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslims, who made their own Pakistan by surrendering to the devout Hindus in fear. Remember how easily Jinnah found Pakistan by intimidating Hindus.

Don’t you believe? So tomorrow more reveal.

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