FIFA will debut automatic offside: how and when it will be

After the landing of VAR in football, the FIFA takes its next steps in the inclusion of technology and it will do so through an automatic offside system. In this way, not only will the margin of error be completely eliminated, but also no time will be wasted in reviewing each action, which will make the matches more fair and fluid.

This change was already on the agenda of the Mother House of World Soccer, which announced in June 2020 that it was seeking “develop a semiautomatic technology to signal the offside, to give the VAR more information that will simplify the referee’s decision-making and optimize the analysis of the images ”. Now it will disembark at the Arab Cup which begins on November 30 in Qatar.

The contest that will have its eleventh edition will have an artificial intelligence system that was installed in the six stadiums that host the tournament. When this technology detects a footballer being offside, it will automatically alert the VAR referee and he will be able to notify the main judge by intercom immediately.

The system has already been tested in some European stadiums, but never in official matches, but only in tests carried out in the Etihad, the Allianz Arena and the La Cartuja Stadium, for instance. To obtain good results in the Arab Cup which takes place between November 30 and December 18, the FIFA will make the formal request to wing International Board (IFAB) so that it gives the go-ahead.

automatic offside
FIFA will implement automatic offside.

If indeed the British body approves it, the automatic offside could be used no less than in the Qatar World Cup 2022. In this way, the advance by Arsene wenger, FIFA’s director of development, in October, when he declared: “There is a good chance that offside will be automated in 2022 ”. At the time, the former coach of the England Arsenal during a meeting with the press in Paris he did not want to give further details: “I am obliged to keep it a secret, but it will be the next of the great evolutions of refereeing ”.

Thus, the billions of fans of world football could be on the verge of a practical solution that would eliminate forever the delays that are often seen today with VAR, which takes several minutes to determine if there was an offside in a game. hazard action. Now, as with the Hawk Eye at the goal line, the notification of its existence would be automatic.

SOURCE: Infobae.

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