FIFA World Cup 2022: Before the match, a bus full of players met with an accident, collided with a police car

In FIFA World Cup 2022 where teams are clashing with each other in one side match. On the other hand, on November 28, a major accident took place here. A bus carrying Swiss players collided with a police car. The clash took place ahead of Brazil’s clash with Switzerland on Monday. All the players were going to Stadium-974 in Qatar by bus. Brazil won the match 1-0.

According to information, when the bus collided, it was on a low speed, due to which the players were not harmed. In fact, there was a long jam on the road leading to the stadium. Due to this jam, the vehicles were moving very slowly. Meanwhile, the bus of the players collided with the police car moving ahead. Although it was a relief that no one was harmed in this accident and the players reached the ground while being safe and the game was organized.

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The Brazilian football team, without its star striker Neymar, beat Switzerland 1.0 in the World Cup match. Entered the last 16 by defeating 0. After a boring first half, Casemiro opened the scoring for Brazil in the 83rd minute. Five-time champions Brazil have yet to play their last match in Group G but the team has already booked a place in the pre-quarterfinals. After this win, Brazil have six points from two matches and Switzerland have three points. Serbia and Cameroon have one point each who have scored 3. Played a draw from 3. Switzerland will have to beat Serbia in their next match to advance to the next stage. The match between Brazil and Cameroon will depend on whether the Swiss team will be able to advance to the next stage even if the match ends in a draw.

With the win, Brazil’s unbeaten run in the group stage extended to 17 matches, including 14 wins and three draws. They have lost only one of their last 29 group matches against Norway in 1998. Switzerland have lost only two of their last 13 group matches in the World Cup. Both the teams did not create many chances in the first half. Without Neymar, the Brazilian team found it difficult to attack the Swiss goal. Brazilian coach Tite replaced Neymar with midfielder Fred. Richarlison, who scored both goals for Brazil in the first match, did not appear in form today and was replaced by another player in the second half. Vinicius Junior scored for Brazil in the 64th minute but was ruled offside after a video referral.

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