FIFA World Cup 2022: Controversial goal scored in match between Japan and Spain, it changed the whole match

The Japan team made a comeback in the FIFA World Cup 2022 after being one goal behind in the crucial match on December 1. He scored two early in the second half to seal a 2-1 win over Spain here late on Thursday to qualify for the round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup. In this match, the Japanese team also scored a controversial goal which remains in constant discussion.
In this competition, all the four teams of Group E were fighting for a place in the knockouts. Japan needed a win to stay in this match. For Spain, Álvaro Morata gave his team the lead in the 11th minute. Spain started the match well and took just 12 minutes to take a 1-0 lead. Álvaro Morata scored this goal. But Japan secured a 1–1 draw through Ritsu Doan’s 48th-minute goal. At the same time, VAR’s decision played a big role in this victory of Japan. After this Japan’s Ao Tanaka scored another goal for Japan, which proved to be the final goal of the match.
second goal caught attention
The Japanese team scored two goals in the match. It was the second goal by Japan that caught the attention of the fans. Initially it was believed that the goal would be considered illegal but it did not happen. In fact it appeared that the ball had gone out before Kaoru Mitama of Japan could play, but investigation revealed that it was not so. There has been a controversy on social media regarding this. Fans are continuously sharing photos of this goal. Fans have shared the video in which it appears that the football is outside the line.
By winning this match, Japan has become the top team of Group E and Spain has become the second team. Spain team will take on Morocco in the knockout clash. Meanwhile, Germany and Spain have the same points. But Germany’s team has scored less goals in FIFA than the 2010 world champions i.e. Spain’s team.

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