FIFA World Cup 2022: Fan pulled out a tremendous trick to drink beer in the stadium, busted in front of security forces

Fans are not getting a chance to drink beer in FIFA World Cup 2022. The fans are very upset to drink beer and are constantly trying one or the other trick to get the beer into the stadium. Another such case was seen during the case of Poland and Mexico.
Meanwhile, a fan has been caught in an audacious attempt to smuggle beer. The security guard fiercely checked the football fans during the checking while entering the stadium, in which they got very surprising information. During the match, the security guards found a fan of the Mexico team, who was going to the stadium with binoculars. Investigation revealed that he had hidden beer in the binoculars.
This was known when the Security Force opened one of its lenses during the telescope’s investigation and beer started falling down from it. Significantly, the rules regarding alcohol in Qatar are very strict. In view of these rules, fans are adopting many tricks to drink beer. Significantly, FIFA has made it clear that fans will not be able to bring any kind of intoxicants into the stadium during and after the match.
FIFA president has given statement on alcohol
FIFA President Gianni Infantino on the decision to ban the sale of ‘alcoholic’ beer in Qatar’s World Cup stadium said it would be just a minor inconvenience for the spectators. Infantino said that the decision to ban beer in the stadium was made jointly by the Qatari authorities and FIFA. He said that we tried till the end whether it is possible. Infantino said that if you could not drink beer for three hours a day, you would still be alive. This is probably why alcohol is banned in stadiums in France, in Spain and in Scotland. Maybe they are wiser than us.

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