FIFA World Cup 2022 matches will be played here, each stadium has a different specialty

There is little time left for the FIFA World Cup to begin in Qatar. The FIFA World Cup will be held for 28 days in which a total of 32 teams will participate. A total of 64 matches will be played during this period. Let us tell you the specialty of those stadiums in which these matches are to be played.
Al Bayt Stadium
Al Bayt Stadium is very special in view of the FIFA World Cup as it will be played in the semi-final match on 14 December. Apart from this, the opening of the FIFA World Cup i.e. the first match between Qatar and Ecuador in the World Cup will be played in this stadium. The capacity of this stadium is 60 thousand. Please tell that this is the second largest stadium of the World Cup.
Khalifa International Stadium
The Khalifa International Stadium located in Doha was constructed in the year 1976. Prior to the World Cup, this stadium can host several major competitions including the Asian Games, Arabian Gulf Cup and AFC Asian Cup. The capacity of this stadium is 40 thousand. According to the information, this stadium has been named after the former Emir of Qatar, Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani.
Education City Stadium
The name of this stadium with a capacity of 40 thousand spectators is Education City Stadium. The stadium was opened to honor the front-line healthcare professionals during COVID 19.
Stadium 974
This stadium has been opened on 30 November 2021. This stadium has a capacity of 40 thousand. Please tell that this stadium will be destroyed after the World Cup.
Al Zanoob Stadium
The first match in this stadium will be played between France and Australia on 22 November. The capacity of this stadium is 40 thousand spectators.
Al Thumama Stadium
Al Thumama Stadium is in Doha. The final match of the Amir Cup was played here, which was organized in 2021. This stadium has the capacity to seat 40 thousand spectators. The stadium was designed by Qatari architect Ibrahim M Zaidah after being inspired by the traditional takiyah headcaps worn by men and boys in the Middle East.
Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium
The Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, built in the year 2003, is located in Al Rayyan. In the year 2020, the Amir Cup final match was played in this stadium. Since then it has been opened for visitors. Six group stage matches will be played in this stadium. 40 thousand spectators can also be present in this stadium.

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