FIFA World Cup 2022: Muslim organization’s warning on football addiction

The whole world is currently engrossed in the Football World Cup, everyone is lost in this football fever. Whether a team is playing in the FIFA World Cup or not, every football lover is excited about it. In India too, FIFA fever is running high. Meanwhile, a new controversy has arisen in view of the growing popularity of football in India.
Different fun is seen regarding the FIFA World Cup coming once in four years. Seeing this fun, the Kerala Gem Iyyathul Khutba Committee of Kerala has given a new warning.
The committee has described the growing love for FIFA and football as fatal. The committee has said through this warning that it has given a message to be aware of this growing addiction. The association said that prayers should not be missed because of late night football matches. Controversy has arisen on this fatwa of this organization during the sermon delivered in the mosque on Friday. The committee has also expressed great concern over fans spending lakhs of rupees to watch football matches.
Keeping his opinion on this statement, Kerala Education Minister B Sivankutty said that no one has the right to interfere in personal freedom. He further said that it is within the right of the people to decide whether to watch the match or not. He will not listen to music but read books. No one has the right to impose any restrictions on this matter. According to the committee, students are getting away from studies due to sports.
He also said that the Samastha Kerala Gem Iyyathul Khutba Samiti has the right to spread awareness, but it is also the right of the people to accept it or not. The committee has displayed huge cutouts of football on the streets and in Goa to indicate that those who do not have much income are spending extravagantly. It is noteworthy that the World Cup in Qatar started on November 20 and will end on December 18. 32 countries are fighting to prove their superiority in the world of football.

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