FLACSO presents the International Postgraduate Course in Community-Based Cultural Policies

In the search to strengthen the training and research of community-based cultural policies or living culture as public policy, FLACSO is proposing an International Postgraduate Course in Community-Based Cultural Policies.

FLACSO: About the International Postgraduate Course in Community-Based Cultural Policies

The concept of “living culture” arises from the Brazilian experience of the Cultural Points, but in practice they have been developed for decades in communities of all Ibero-American countries. Currently, these types of policies exist in several countries in the region and at different levels of government.

Community living culture is, therefore, an expression created to give name, meaning and visibility to cultural dynamics that are emerging in the region. Why live? Because it is pulsating, mutant, diverse. Why community? Because it is where it is born, where it is organized. And because the idea is to benefit primarily the peoples, groups and communities in situations of social vulnerability and with reduced access to the means of production, registration, enjoyment and cultural dissemination.

It is estimated that there are thousands of community cultural organizations operating in Latin America. Community cultural organizations are understood to be those that develop a cultural, educational and / or communication action linked to a certain territory.

They are “live culture” initiatives developed in / by cultural centers, community radio or television, neighborhood newspapers, theater groups, dance, circus, visual arts, groups that work with cinema, literature, identity rescue, popular knowledge, ancestral knowledge, solidarity and collaborative economic alternatives. There are many possibilities for action in the communities, taking into account the stimulation of creativity and respect for local dynamics. And it is thus, by relating culture and territory, culture and identity, that a new history of public policies is being built in the Ibero-American context.

In this sense, this FLACSO proposal is specific to training in community-based cultural policies and is aimed at public cultural effectors, whether they are managers, officials or state workers of national and sub-national cultural portfolios, to community managers and members of civil society organizations.

This FLACSO Postgraduate course will be carried out in a virtual modality to be able to reach all the countries of Latin America with the proposal.

Finally, a strength of the proposal is the diversity of views where the teachers come from various countries: Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Spain, the United States, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Brazil, Guatemala, Paraguay and Mexico. This allows for approaches from different cultural forms and public policies.

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