Flor de la V went to the intersection because of Amalia Granata’s sayings: “they are hate speech”

The driver spoke about the difficulties that the trans community is going through and repudiated the deputy’s statements. The host of Intruders, Flor de la V, dedicated the first hour of her program to refer to Amalia Granata’s statements against the group of trans women. The deputy in an interview conducted on LAM (America TV) had assured that transsexuals “have privileges” and expressed that the State should not take responsibility for the hormonal treatment it provides them.

Given these statements, the driver explained the difficult situation that the group is going through as they do not have access to decent work. “We naively believed that with the gender identity law we were going to be able to get a job. It’s something that didn’t happen, that doesn’t happen.” And he continued, “Why do you think there had to be a DNU and then a Trans Labor Quota Law? Because we clearly needed, thanks to Diana Sacayán who promoted this law and was murdered in a transvestite, for the State to get going so we can work.”

In relation to the fact that trans people decide not to work according to what Granata said, Flor de la V expressed “our collective is going to continue to be violated, because unfortunately so many years with negative information about our identities, and about thinking that we were on the street corners because we wanted to , makes the social construction of our identities extremely negative.”

“When you go looking for a job and have to choose between a cis woman and a transvestite, they are clearly going to choose the cis woman, never the transvestite,” he said.

She also referred to the hormonal treatments that the State provides for free, and those that the deputy questioned. “What I do know as a trans woman is that I pay for a very expensive social project, and yet they don’t know that since January I’ve been fighting to get my hormones and they don’t give them to me.”

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“The State is not doing us a favor, what it is doing for the first time in more than 40 years is a historical reparation to a group that was denied, made invisible and almost exterminated by this violent and patriarchal society,” he said.

To close, the driver assured, “these are hate speeches, that the only thing they do is continue to increase hate, increase discrimination and that people like her continue to look at us in the same way, and that deny us the possibility of living freely in a society as we all would like”.

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