Foreign-cinema gossip comes by filtering heavily

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New Year greetings of foreign models-

“365 Get plenty of sex for days”

The world is colorful. Hollywood model Brittany Ward, 32, wished her fans a Happy New Year’s Eve: “Wishing you all 365 days of great sex!” There would have been a ruckus on this greeting in our country. But there people are enjoying this congratulations. Let us tell you that Brittany Ward brought herself into the limelight a few years ago by modeling nude for the cover page of a men’s magazine. Then that magazine named this model ‘Miss January 2015’. She says- to start the new year is like pressing the ‘refresh’ button. She has been in the news for being in love with ‘Twilight Saga’ star Kellan Lutz.

Ben Affleck’s was stolengenitals’

Don’t laugh! News is not made only in Bollywood, Hollywood is far ahead from here. Now see, a scene of a bath in a movie “Gone Girl” had disappeared, so there was talk everywhere in the gossip market that…. Standup comedy actors have been reporting on their shows that Ben’s ‘stuff’ has been stolen. In fact, the protagonist of the film, Ben, is taking a bath in a sequence when his genitals are visible. The same scene went viral on the internet by stealing it. During the shows in Bollywood, we have heard about an actress’s clothes being opened or moving, but there…!

Angelina Jolie in Making…

This was bad news for the rival stars of Hollywood’s famous star Angelina Jolie. An advertisement was published by a foreign marketing company that girls who look like Jolie would have an ‘egg donor’ business. Our readers can understand this on the lines of the story of Ayushmann Khurrana starrer ‘Vicky Donor’. That is, the girl who looks like Jolie (duplicate), can sell her ‘egg’ to the company at a good price. The company will sell it to those who want to have a beautiful surrogacy baby like Angelina by paying a very expensive price. Means that right now only one Angelina used to prevail over all her contestants and what will happen when all look a like angelina in the field Will stand

The world is really colorful!

lay ahead:

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