“Forest Science and Technology in Argentina”, the first digital book of and – Argentina Forestal

It is an updated compilation of almost 500 pages, with 18 opinion notes and 41 technical dissemination articles and contributions to the debate on science and technology in forest management. It was prepared by scientific members and external guests of the Argentine Network of Forest Science and Technology ( CONICET). Includes research notes from Argentina, Mexico, France, and Italy. The shared knowledge was disseminated in, a benchmark in information on the sector in the country and the Latin American region.

ARGENTINA (11/23/2021) .- The Argentine Network of Forest Science and Technology ( – CONICET) presented the book “Forest Science and Technology in Argentina”, which shows and compiles 2 years of publications on the research activities of different groups in the country and different approaches to thinking about forest science and technology. is an initiative created to strengthen sustainable forestry development that was established in 2017 within the framework of the Interdisciplinary Networks Oriented to Problem Solving, of CONICET.

Based on their work spaces, the dissemination was aimed at making visible the knowledge generated by different institutions and the opinions of different actors in the forestry sector.

It is a joint initiative of the institutions linked to Forest Sciences, which is made up of teachers, researchers and researchers, and institutions related to forestry education, science and technology. Its objective is to coordinate the actions of generation and transfer of scientific-technical knowledge related to the sector.

The book covers topics from plant genetics to innovation, including forestry, environment, technology, industry, gender and various opinion pieces. This, added to the quality of the material, written by members of the public sector and the academic and scientific system of the country, was the reason for the preparation of this edition.

This book contains about 500 pages, 18 opinion notes and 41 technical and scientific dissemination articles, prepared by members and non-members of, published on the web in the digital magazine

Alliance with AF

In this way, from the launch their first digital book in partnership with (AF), an idea conceived by the dissemination commission and that allows the integration of publications made by the network in two years of continuous walking.

By looking at the content, readers will be able to appreciate a great variety of topics related to forest sciences, going through the primary production of native and implanted forests, environmental aspects, aspects associated with sustainability, education, forest health, genetics, nanotechnology, among others. . In turn, the articles cross very different territories and the authors represent various institutions and the private sector.

“It is very gratifying for this Board of Directors to make this compendium available since it contributes to fulfilling one of the missions of the network. We thank all the authors who kindly contributed with their writings to disseminate and make known and understood such a wide diversity of topics in a friendly format for any reader “, they invited Ana Maria Lupi (INTA) and Pablo Villagra (CONICET), Network coordinators.

To establish a commitment, a list of notes to be published in AF during the next 12 months was drawn up, mostly written by members of the Network’s Board of Directors. Thus, on November 11, 2018, the first note was published in which the then Coordinators presented to the network.

“From that moment on, it was decided to summon all the members of the Network, and the response was most encouraging. The progression of the publications went, from two articles published in 2018, to 15 notes in 2019 and 39 notes from January to November 2020. Beyond the quantitative aspects, the thematic diversity of the notes and the numerous opinion notes that they contributed to enrich the debates on the quality of the material generated, they generated this thematic richness that we summarize in this first digital book ”, he expressed Maria Cristina Area, rResponsible for Communication of the

“On the other hand, we propose the dissemination of forestry issues so that society knows all its benefits and, on the other hand, to communicate to specialists issues that are handled at the research level and that are generally unknown. That is why we decided to look for a medium like (AF), a site widely read in the sector, to publicize these research works. From this, we plan to compile everything in a book so that the information is more accessible “, he told CONICET Dialogue.

“It is with pride that from and the Communication Commission of we present this book, which compiles 2 years of publications on the research activities of different groups in the country and different approaches to thinking about science and technology forester in section AF Science, created for researchers to share their knowledge with the community, “he said. Patricia escobar, journalistic editor of the medium that belongs to the Group Online missions.

Knowledge for the entire forestry-industrial value chain

“Forestry Science and Technology in Argentina” is intended for readers of the entire forestry, forestry and environmental value chain, consultants, professionals from various disciplines, students, officials, and anyone who is interested in knowing how to work in the country in after the development of the discipline. 166 scientists and evaluators from Argentina, Mexico, France and Italy participated in the preparation of the book.

“For the entire Board of Directors of the Network, the book is a great achievement, a pride, because we are a young network eager to grow and contribute, and having this product is exciting, because we are helping to transfer the work of many authors to the environment ”, Concluded Lupi.

Download the book:

Digital book “Forest Science and Technology of Argentina”


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