Former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje filled the enthusiasm among the workers, said- BJP government will be formed again in the state

Jaipur | Vasundhara Raje Rajasthan: Former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje was seen inciting enthusiasm among the BJP workers of the state on Friday. Raje reached Bhilwara district of the state, where she was welcomed by local Shahpura MLA and former Speaker of the Assembly Kailash Meghwal and head Munni Kavar. After this she reached to condole the death of former MP Hemendra Singh Baneda. Earlier Raje went to Bhilwara Circuit House where she was given a warm welcome. After being welcomed into the Kumbha Trust, she went to Bhilwara to mourn the death of the workers.

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Vasundhara Raje Rajasthan: Former CM Raje also reached Ajmer on Friday and went to Pushkar here to have darshan and worship in the temple of Lord Brahma ji. Along with this, Raje also performed Jiyarat in Ajmer Dargah. From here Raje also went to Ajmer to condole the death of former MP Rasa Singh Rawat and sister-in-law of former minister Vasudev Devnani. Apart from this, she also went to his house to mourn the death of other workers. During this, Raje was accompanied by MLA Anita Bhadel, Beawar MLA Suresh Rawat, Pushkar Municipal Council President Kamal Pathak, former District President BP Saraswat, former UIT Chairman Shiv Shankar Heda were also present.

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Enthusiasm filled in the workers, said- BJP government will be formed again in the state
Vasundhara Raje Rajasthan: During this, Raje also addressed the gathering and while enthusing the workers, said that the real BJP worker is the one who works for the organization without selfishness and considers himself a worker to be called a worker. This is also the credibility of a BJP worker – no matter how big a post he reaches, he likes to be called a common worker. He was never proud of his high position. After reaching a big post, he becomes even more humble, like our Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. On the basis of the workers, we will again form the government of Modi ji in the country and the government of BJP in the state with a thumping majority.

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