Fréjus: a child mowed down by a car is dead, his brother seriously injured

A mother and her two sons were mown on Thursday evening in Fréjus. The youngest child, 7, succumbed to his injuries, while the eldest, 9, is seriously injured. Two women, in police custody, accuse each other of being the driver.

It was a little after 9:30 p.m. last night, in downtown Fréjus, when a young mother and her two sons, aged 7 and 9, were struck by a vehicle launched at high speed. The 4×4 would have first struck the median of the roundabout, before hitting a fire hydrant, then mowing down the young family. 

About thirty rescuers intervened at the site of the accident, where five ambulances, a team from SMUR and a helicopter from Civil Security had been mobilized. While the young son of the family was transferred to Bonnet hospital in Fréjus, his eldest was evacuated to Nice. Many passers-by witnessed the tragedy, as a night market was held a few hundred meters from the accident.

A very violent impact

The violence of the impacts was such that witnesses say they initially believed in an attack . The destruction of the fire hydrant generated an immense jet of water, not yet cut off while the emergency services intervened with the wounded. The mother of the family was slightly injured in the ankle, her eldest son very seriously in a leg, and the father of this family from eastern France, and on vacation in the Var, has meanwhile not been hit in the accident. But the 7-year-old boy, in cardio-respiratory arrest when the emergency services arrived, could not be revived despite his transfer to the emergency room. 

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Two young women in custody, accusing each other

According to a police source contacted by LCI, two 24-year-old women were in the vehicle, and who were quickly arrested. Both positive for blood alcohol tests, one of them was also under the influence of drugs. Now in police custody, the two young women accuse each other of having driven the vehicle.


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