From next week in Misiones there will be a 0800 line to report bullying

«We held two days with teachers where we worked on the comprehensive sexual education law and then with parents and students, when we reflected on public education and the problem of bullying and harassment, in addition to the guarantees that both girls and boys should have. », he stated.

This decision is also driven by the events that have arisen since the beginning of November when students from the Roque González de Posadas school accused several of their classmates of sexual abuse, arriving to file a complaint in this regard and for the Justice to intervene in the case.

Notably the protests were also joined by students from other educational establishments of the provincial capital, and even former students who indicated that during their secondary education stage they were also victims of bullying situations.

“We are also working on the line of school coexistence, as a joint action with the Secretariat of the Ministry of Education of the Nation and the Federal Council for the implementation of Law 26,892 to address social conflicts in educational institutions”, Held.

0800 line to report bullying

According to Galarza, the special line to report cases of abuse and harassment in the school environment will work in the field of Provincial Interdisciplinary Cabinet, depending on the area that manages: «Starting next week it will be available on 0800-222-1197».

He informed that the attention will be during the hours of 08:00 to 20:00. «It is so that the boys or girls, including their parents, can make complaints about any complex situation within the educational institution. The line will be attended by professional psychologists, psychopedagogues and social workers, “he added.

“We have professionals linked both to educational problems and also to addressing other problems. Ricardo Martín chairs this group of people with extensive experience and who have a lot of specialization«, He assured.

By way of balance after the events of the last time, the president of the General Council of Education of Misiones expressed that “We made all the laws available in a digital document that we share with all schools and we believe that it is good to review them and make them available to students in schools.”

And he added: «It is for them to see that they are fully protected. We created a law on gender violence, the law for the comprehensive protection of the rights of children and adolescents, for the promotion of coexistence and addressing social conflict in institutions and other provincial laws.

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