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New Delhi. Covid in India19 the new ,Omicron, The vigilance of the infection of the form has increased. Health Minister Mandaviya said in Parliament that The Center has asked the state government to take all precautions. All passengers coming from risky international places are being RT-PCR tested. omicron, In view of this, while directing all the states and union territories to strictly follow the Kovid standards, it has been said that strict monitoring of international travelers should be done.

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in India 16 In RT-PCR test of thousand passengers 18 People have got corona virus infected. From their genome sequencing, it is being ascertained how many of them are infected with the new form.

in the Lok Sabha ,covid-19 Responding to the discussion on the epidemic, the Health Minister said Kovid-19 Referring to the new form of the virus, he said that two travelers coming to India from South Africa via Dubai – 19 one year old girl 67 A year old male tested positive for Covid at Bengaluru airport. he told that 19 Omicron virus was not confirmed in a one-year-old woman, while Omicron virus was confirmed in the elderly’s sample.

Mandaviya told that Bangalore’s 46 of a man of the year 22 The infection was detected in the RT-PCR test conducted on November. He said that their genome sequencing 28 November in which Omicron form was detected and three family members who came in contact with them and 160 In the investigation of the people, five people were found infected whose samples are undergoing further genome sequencing test.

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Minister said that South Africa 25 The first case of a new form of this virus was announced on November and Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting on the same day. He said that the Union Health Secretary held a meeting with all the states and after that the revised advisory was issued.

Booster or third additional dose of Kovid vaccine to the countrymen and 18 Congress to vaccinate children below the age of one year, Trinamool Congress, On the question of members of various parties including DMK, Mandaviya said that we have only two options, one is political and the other is scientific. Mandaviya alleged that during this time of grave calamity, some political parties tried to spread doubts on the vaccine., Tried to weaken the fight against Corona by questioning the vaccination campaign and accusing the Prime Minister.

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