Gautam Gambhir’s threat to Pakistan has a connection, a resident of Karachi…

New Delhi | Gautam Gambhir Mail Pakistan : BJP MP and former cricketer Gautam Gambhir is constantly receiving death threats. Now it is being told that the police have gathered information about the person who threatened to kill Gautam Gambhir. Officials of the Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police have told that this threat was sent by some students of Pakistan. Let us tell you that one after the other, two mails had come to Gambhir, in which he was threatened with death. The threat has been given to Gambhir on the mail, it was received from ISIS Kashmir. After which the security of Gautam Gambhir was increased. Now disclosing this matter, the Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi has told that both these mails came from Karachi city of Pakistan.

Gautam Gambhir Mail Pakistan :

student of Sindh University

Gautam Gambhir Mail Pakistan : Police said that Gautam Gambhir’s first mail was made by a person named Shahid from Karachi. Its age is between 20 and 25 years and it studies in Sindh University. This is what sent Gautam Gambhir’s first mail, in which it was said that he would kill Gambhir and his entire family. In the mail sent to Gambhir, it was said that we wanted to kill you but you survived. If you love your life and your family, stay away from politics and Kashmir.

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The purpose of the threat is not known

Gautam Gambhir Mail Pakistan : The cyber cell said that till now the purpose of the threat given to Gautam Gambhir is not known. However, where is it going that both the mails had come from the student’s account, so there is no seriousness in it. On the other hand, Delhi Police says that the ID can also be wrong, so one should be cautious. The police is still involved in the investigation of the matter and after the completion of the investigation, the report will be shared with the intelligence teams in this regard.

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