Germany is abolishing free corona tests

The German federal government will abolish the free corona tests from October 11th. Unvaccinated people then have to pay for them themselves.

Unvaccinated people in Germany have to pay for mandatory corona tests themselves from October 11th. This is agreed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers. Accordingly, tests are mandatory if the seven-day incidence rises above a value of 35. 

The compulsory test does not apply to those who have recovered or who have been vaccinated.

But there are exceptions

Since now everyone can be offered a direct vaccination offer, permanent assumption of the costs for all tests by the taxpayer is not indicated, is the reason for this step.

This means that a current negative corona test is required for staying indoors, restaurants, cinemas, churches, fitness studios, at the hairdresser’s, as well as in hospitals and retirement homes. Unvaccinated people then have to pay for these tests themselves. 

Only those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, as well as those under the age of 18, will continue to be paid for by the state for the tests.

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Will Austria follow suit?
In Austria, the medical association is calling for an end to free PCR and antigen tests. For months, the general public has had to “pay for those who refuse to vaccinate, even though there is enough vaccine available,” is the argument.

Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein issued this foray – for the time being – a rebuff . However, this will be re-evaluated in autumn.

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