Go ahead with provincial elections

The new pandemic Omicron hasn’t spread like that in India yet, As the corona pandemic spread. Nevertheless, it has gained a lot of emphasis in the developed countries of the world. India’s 17 in the states so far 360 Cases have come to the fore. The epidemic may not have spread yet, but its fear is spreading. Many state governments have imposed night curfews and some have imposed restrictions on crowds during the day.

The Allahabad High Court has even said that it would be better if the Uttar Pradesh elections are postponed now. The High Court of Delhi has also expressed concern over the overcrowding of markets in Sarojini Nagar. The reality is that people imprisoned in homes for the last several months are now coming out with double enthusiasm. The fear is that what will happen during elections In the huge public meetings, millions of people should not fall prey to this new epidemic. Our leaders are also doing amazing. they markets, in weddings and other celebrations 200 People are imposing restrictions, but in the greed of votes, they themselves will organize meetings of two lakhs each.

Fifth note of musical scale. This is what happened during the elections held in Bengal and Bihar. Millions of people got hit by Corona. UP now, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Elections in Goa and Manipur are on the head. The Election Commission is busy in making complete arrangements for the elections in these states. The Chief Election Commissioner is also visiting these states nowadays. There is no doubt that the preparation for a fair and authentic election process is very good, but if the epidemic spreads due to this election in five states, then the general public will have to face a lot of trouble.

It is true that most of the people of the country have been vaccinated, but many of those people have also become victims of the new epidemic. All the parties would like that the elections must be held on time., Because one, during the election, there is a flurry of notes on them., The desire of his leadership is also fulfilled and the desire to form the government by winning him also keeps rising. Out of the above five states, there are BJP governments in four. He has a special responsibility.

If all of them together urge the Election Commission, then it will call these elections. 4-6 may be postponed for a month. Meanwhile, President’s rule or the appointment of an acting Chief Minister can also happen in the states. Nevertheless, the Election Commission has the right to push the election dates on the basis of self-determination. If the epidemic prolongs, then its solution can also be found. in India approx. 90 Crores of people have access to mobile phones and internet. Nowadays digital technology has developed so much that people can vote sitting at home. At present, It would be better if these provincial elections should be postponed for now.

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