Google Course on Female Entrepreneurship: See How to Apply

“Grow with Google for Women Who Want to Entrepreneur” will take place on March 8th and will be 100% online and free. Women who wish to participate can apply now, check it out below.

The Google opened a new program empreendedorism free last February 24. The target audience? The women. The course, which will address various aspects of professional training related to the female audience, will take place on March 8, the same date that International Women’s Day is celebrated.

Called “Grow with Google for Women Who Want to Be an Entrepreneur”, the program is 100% online and free, and to register just fill out a quick form. With this in mind, the DCI decided to show the registration step by step, which doesn’t take even 5 minutes. Check it out below:

We’ve separated all the information on how to apply for the Grow With Google empowerment program for Women Who Want to Entrepreneur. The one-day course aims to bring relevant content and practical tips on female leadership, personal branding, sales and finance.

  • When is it going to happen? March 8, 2021
  • What time? 9:00 am – 10:10 am EDT
  • At where? Google’s digital platform

To sign up:

  • Access the event page;
  • Click on “Sign Up”;
  • Sign in with your account or create one;
  • When logging in, fill in the form that will appear on your screen;
  • Inform your e-mail, first name, telephone, status and gender;
  • Please read the terms and conditions carefully and confirm.

When you finish your registration, you can still add the lectures to your Google calendar. Thus, on the day and at the time, you will receive a notification reminding you of the event.

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Google Course Schedule for Entrepreneurship
The lectures planned for the event will all be presented by women. Names such as Dilma Campos, Paula Bazzo, Rachel Maia, Cris Ueda, Dany Cavarlo and Priscilla de Sá will debate women’s leadership in the job market and also how to boost business.

According to Google, “more and more women are betting on the desire to become an entrepreneur, but along this challenging path, obstacles may arise related to the management, administration and communication of their businesses.” The global company’s marketing director , Susana Ayarza, will open the program at the beginning of the day, around 9 am. The themes are the most diverse, ranging from “leadership for female entrepreneurs” to how to “sell your fish”.

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