“Goscherte” Meinl-Reisinger started with Sommertalk

The first ORF summer talks of this year's summer took place on Monday. The guest was Neos boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger.

The ORF invited its viewers to the “Libelle” on the roof of the Leopold Museum in Vienna’s Museum Quarter. A lift brought the first guest, Neos boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger, into the open-air studio. After a 20-minute standing session – guests ate and drank in the background of the only partially closed restaurant – interviewer Lou Lorenz-Dittlbacher and the Neos boss changed over to the indoor studio in a short walk.

“Goscherte” politician
There were chairs and a hungry gel , which quickly fell victim to the powerful Neos boss – Meinl-Reisinger showed less patience than Chancellor Kurz in the same situation.

The politician, whom a former classmate described as “goschert” in a video at the beginning, also became impatient with some topics: About her values ​​Her decency and honesty were particularly important – it was followed by a swipe in turquoise: “Right now I miss that Conservatives. “

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About a government participation Meinl-Reisinger: “I have the willingness, the will and the desire to shape.” About vaccinations She is against a general obligation to vaccinate, but wants those who refuse to have vaccinations to pay for their corona tests themselves from autumn. Climate crisis Chancellor Kurz’s “Stone Age teller” (whom Meinl-Reisinger first mentioned by name on this occasion) was said to have been irresponsible.

She said that there was no need to do without in the fight against the climate crisis: “Wash me, but don’t get me wet.” Then the Neos boss got personal: “I have three children, I feel responsible for them.”

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