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New Delhi. After 10 months of deadlock, the central government can once again talk to the farmers. After the withdrawal of all three controversial agriculture laws, it is being told that now the central government will talk to the farmers on the issue of Minimum Support Price (MSP). According to informed sources, the Central Government has sent a proposal for talks on its behalf. Significantly, at the time of announcing the withdrawal of all three laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the government would form a committee to consider the MSP. Minimum Support Price MSP

However, the Central Government has got the bill to withdraw the three controversial laws passed by both the Houses of Parliament. Despite this, the farmers’ movement is continuing. Their demand is that the government should enact a law to guarantee MSP, withdraw the cases against the farmers and give compensation to the families of the farmers killed during the agitation. The farmers were also demanding a change in the law making stubble burning a crime, which has been accepted by the government. Now it is being said that the government has also directed to withdraw the cases.

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After the government was ready to negotiate on the MSP and instructed to withdraw the cases, it is now being said that the farmers’ organizations may decide to end the agitation soon. Significantly, on November 29, farmers had held an important meeting, in which 32 jathabandis from Punjab had agreed to call off the agitation and return home. However, this decision is yet to be approved by the United Kisan Front.

Keep in mind that the central government last spoke to the farmers on 22 January. After that the talks were stopped. Last month, on November 19, the Prime Minister announced the withdrawal of all three laws and on November 29, on the very first day of the Parliament session, the government passed the bill to withdraw both the laws. Now it is being told that the Central Government has called the farmers for talks and according to informed sources, the Ministry of Home Affairs has directed all the states to withdraw the cases registered during the farmers’ agitation.

Meanwhile, the farmer leaders of Haryana have also announced to hold a meeting with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Wednesday to withdraw the cases. Now most of the farmers’ organizations are believing that the government is accepting all the demands, so they should end the agitation and return home.

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