Government’s earnings during the Corona period

In the two years of the corona virus epidemic, the income of the common people has decreased. jobs are gone, jobs have stopped, People’s money has been spent on the treatment of the disease and crores of people have also come in financial trouble due to other effects related to the epidemic. But even in the midst of this crisis, the earnings of the Government of India continued. Instead of giving relief to the people, the government made complete arrangements to withdraw the remaining money in their pockets. The government itself has told how much money Indian Railways has earned through different measures., How much have the banks earned by increasing the fees on the people and petrol, diesel, How much has the government earned by increasing the price of cooking gas etc.

In response to the application made under the Right to Information Act, the Indian Railways has stated that it has 2020-21 in tatkal ticket 403 Ten million, premium immediately 119 crore and by dynamic rent 511 Has earned Rs. Keep in mind that most of the train services remained closed during this period. Meanwhile, by running a special train, the fare was charged unreasonably from the traveler, his earnings are different. however, current finance ie 2021-22 In the first six months of 243 Ten million, immediately 353 and premium immediately 89 Have earned Rs.

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Recently, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told Parliament that the financial year 2020-21 3 lakh from duty on petroleum products 71 Earned Rs. This is record earning. Similarly, banks of the Government of India have earned thousands of crores of rupees from those who did not maintain minimum deposits in savings accounts amid the Corona epidemic. Banks have deducted a huge amount from Jan Dhan accounts, which has been asked to be returned. Now the government has decided to withdraw money from banks to increase its earnings., The fee for transacting money from ATM has been increased. Along with this, 5% GST has also been imposed on online food orders and app-based taxi service. The GST on footwear has been increased from five to seven per cent.

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