Government’s flaws exposed by singing ‘UP Mein Ka Ba’, special party IT cell trolled

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The UP assembly elections have now completely turned into an electoral environment. Election colors have come on everyone.

Bhojpuri singer Neha Singh Rathore, who sang the song “UP Mein Ka Baa”, is once again in the headlines. Everyone knows the name of Neha Singh Rathore. Through her songs, she speaks beautifully on every issue. Neha speaks very easily through her songs, which even big journalists hesitate to speak.

You will remember that even during the Bihar elections, Neha sang the song “Bihar Mein Ka Ba”. Even at that time, through her songs, Neha had put the flaws of the Bihar government in front of the public very well. Even at that time, she was in a lot of headlines. Today once again in the UP assembly elections, Neha is counting the flaws of the Yogi government in her Bhojpuria style. But this time she got caught by the IT cell of the particular party and you know to what extent this particular IT cell fell. happened.

Neha reminds of the events that happened in the Yogi government’s ‘Ram Rajya’ through the song. In Yogi’s ‘Ram Rajya’, he tells about the abominable work of Hathras. During the Corona period, the corpses lying on the Ganges and the way the minister’s sons put the cart on the chest of the farmers, they keep their point.

But BJP does not see the truth. And whoever wants to speak the truth, tries unsuccessfully to silence him by trolling. Neha Singh Rathore wrote on Twitter, “The question will be asked from the one who is sitting on the chair. The criticism will be of those who are in power. If you do not ask questions, then you will have no control over our leaders and ruling officials. We will all be driven like sheep and goats.”

In fact, recently, Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan had taken out a video describing the merits of the Yogi government, with the song “UP Mein Sab Ba”, he is telling that everything is going well in his government’s Ram Rajya. In response, Bhojpuri singer Neha Singh Rathore sang the song “UP Mein Ka Ba”.

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