Grenade hurled at Pathankot Army Camp

Chandigarh. After five years, once again the army camp in Pathankot has been targeted and attacked. Although there is no loss of life this time, high alert has been put in the entire area and search is on for those who threw grenades at the camp. A grenade was hurled at Triveni Gate of Army Camp in Pathankot district of Punjab. There was no loss of life and property in this attack, but the search is on for the attackers all over Punjab. Security forces are scouting every place.

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Meanwhile, the police have also found an unclaimed car, whose front and rear number plates have been changed in a very clever way. There is only a difference of three letters between the two numbers. The police is also looking at it from the point of view of involvement in the attack and is also investigating it. Meanwhile, an alert has been issued in entire Punjab. Security has been beefed up in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Gurdaspur and all other cities.

According to reports, a procession was going out in front of the gate of the army camp, at the same time a young man riding a motorcycle passed by. This bike rider is suspected of throwing a grenade. Pathankot SSP Surendra Lamba said that the investigation is going on in the matter, CCTV footage is being scanned. Alert has been issued at all check posts of Pathankot. Part of the grenade has been recovered after the blast, which is being investigated.

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Significantly, Pathankot district of Punjab is one of the most important bases of the Indian Army. There is an Indian Air Force station, an army ammunition depot and two armored brigades and armored units. There was a terrorist attack on the Air Force airbase in Pathankot on January 2, 2016. It was carried out by armed terrorists who came in the uniform of the Indian Army. Seven soldiers were martyred in this attack. All the terrorists who attacked at that time had come through the Ravi river on the India-Pakistan border. After reaching the Indian territory, the terrorists hijacked some vehicles and reached the Pathankot airbase.

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