Hariyana: Mother reached the school principal and slapped her, case filed from both sides…

Fatehabad | Hariyana School News : It is often said that in the fight of children, elders should exercise restraint. But today’s parents do not agree with this, so the matter goes a long way. Once again a similar case has come up from a government school in Fatehabad, Haryana. It has been told that the mother of a child came to school and slapped the principal. The principal too could not tolerate this insult and went straight to the police station. On the other hand, the child’s mother also reached the police station without thinking anything. In these circumstances, both the women reached the police station and made a loud spectacle. Later, with the help of women police personnel, both were pacified and both lodged an FIR against each other.

Hariyana School News :

Know what’s the matter

Hariyana School News : Actually, a 9-year-old boy got hurt while swinging in school. As soon as the mother of the child got this information, she reached school from home. Accusing the teachers of negligence, he started a fight with the principal. After a brief argument, suddenly Mane gave a strong slap on the principal. After being slapped in front of her staff, the principal also got angry and she went straight to the police station.

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Police is investigating the matter

Hariyana School News : Giving information on this entire matter, DSP Ajaib Singh said that we have received a written complaint from both the sides. Investigation has been started on the basis of complaints. He said that a case has been registered against the mother for obstructing duty and making false grounds. While the principal has been accused by the mother of killing the student. The DSP said that the police is still interrogating the school staff. After this, if needed, information will also be taken from the children.

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