He is from the University Technique in Agricultural Development: in 2021 the UNAU has its first graduate

«We are very proud and happy to have our first graduate of the University Technique in Agricultural Development, César Católico de Olivera. We have great satisfaction to be part of this project that bears fruit every day, and today we are seeing it reflected in the work and dedication that results in this great achievement for the entire team that make up the University.»Expressed the Secretary General, Santiago Larrea.

«The happiness of being able to achieve at the age of 43 the dream of completing university studies is incomparable. I had the opportunity to have a free and new Public University in the region, I cannot find words to express this satisfaction, this dream fulfilled.

During these 3 years I had the great support of the entire university community, a team of friends and colleagues who day after day cares about your achievements and progress, it is what I carry in my heart during all this time.«, Expressed the recent graduate of the University Technician in Agricultural Development.

César Catolico de Olivera thus became the first student to complete his studies at the upper house of study, the result of great work and dedication during the 3 years that the degree lasted. It is a clear example that the University of Alto Uruguay brought progress and training to the region.

University Technician in Agricultural Development

Scope of the Title offered by the University Technique in Agricultural Development

The University Technician in Agricultural Development for Small and Medium Producers He is enabled to integrate highly qualified work teams that, from a multidisciplinary approach and under the supervision of undergraduate professionals, can carry out the various tasks inherent to agricultural and livestock processes.

Therefore, the University Technician in Agricultural Development allows you to:

  • Collaborate in activities related to the planning, organization and management of establishments for small and medium-scale agricultural production.
  • Collaborate with the responsible professional in harvesting, conditioning and transportation techniques of agricultural production.
  • Participate in activities of management and conservation of the soils of the farms of small and medium producers.
  • Intervene as a collaborator in plans that include Integrated Pest and Disease management; and in the correct use of agricultural pesticides in the farms of small and medium producers.
  • Collaborate in the planning and supervision of plant and animal production operations or tasks, as well as in the application of agricultural management technologies.
  • Act as a collaborator in projects and ventures aimed at strengthening small and medium-sized producers, promoted by public and private organizations.
  • Collaborate with the responsible professional in the implementation of quality assurance tools, health and occupational safety in the farms of small and medium producers.
  • Cooperate in actions aimed at promoting and coordinating between agents, actors and local public-private institutions in order to advance in the Development of the Local Productive System.
  • Participate as a collaborator in research and extension activities, related to the particular needs of the micro-region and its environment.

About UNAU

The National University of Alto Uruguay (UNAU) It is an Argentine public university, located in the town of San Vicente, Guaraní Department, Misiones Province; from where it seeks to guarantee access to Higher Education and promote the development of the entire Upper Uruguay region.

Our university is based on the founding principles of free and unrestricted and free access of all people who seek to train and contribute to the development of scientific and productive knowledge.

For more information about the University Technician in Agricultural Development or all other careers and their enrollment dates:

San Vicente Headquarters

+54 (3755) 460861
[email protected]

1042 Tejeda Avenue between Alberdi and Juan XXIII
Monday to Friday, Running Hours from 07 to 14.
San Vicente – Misiones – Argentina

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