He won two Champions League, was left without a club and returned to work on boats: the new life of a former Real Madrid player

The life of the footballer is usually dynamic, dizzying and short, compared to other jobs that have nothing to do with sport. The player reaches his best moment after the age of 20 and puts an end to his career near the age of 40, an early age and in which he still has a lot of energy to continue developing at work.

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Some decide to remain linked to the world of football, occupying a managerial position in the club that most represented them or sitting on the substitute bench to teach what he himself learned as a player.

However, others choose to completely shed their sporting past as did former Real Madrid champion Fábio Coentrão. The Portuguese, who played for his country’s Rio Ave, was left without a team at the beginning of July and recently reappeared in a facet almost unknown to fans.

he ran out of club and went back to work on the boats
Coentrão is now dedicated to the maritime world (images from the interview with Empower Brand Channel)

The former Portuguese full-back exchanged the ball for the sea and this was acknowledged during an interview with the digital television channel Empower Brand Channel. The 33-year-old former defender, who has two Champions League titles among his honors, was very happy to have returned to the maritime world, which he met as a child thanks to his father.

“I have been coming here since I was born. My father had a boat, he was in the fishing sector and he used to go with him a lot, I loved it. When he had time or was on vacation, he came here whenever he could, ”explained the former Portuguese national team player.

“My life was the sea: the sea and fishing. Of course, I knew that football would one day end and that I should take a new direction in my life. And my happiness is this boat and this is the life I want to lead ”, he said.

Coentrão, who was born in Vila do Conde, a fully fishing town located less than 30 kilometers from the Portuguese capital, bought his first boat while playing for Real Madrid. Today he has three fleets and 45 people working for him.

“People who love the sea and who want to experience the sea need to follow their will, their dream. It is also a job for the new generations ”, considered the former Monaco footballer, who has many young people among his employees, with the aim of continuing to foster interest in this profession.

“Life at sea is not a shame, as many people think. It is a job like any other. Not only that. The sea is beautiful and we need it, there must be people working here. These people must be respected as in any other profession ”, affirmed the Portuguese.

As a player, the turning point in his career was when he signed for Real Madrid in 2011 after the Merengue board paid 30 million euros for him to Benfica. The former full-back signed for six seasons but went through various loan assignments in between.

In addition to the two Champions League of 2013-14 and 2016-17, the Portuguese has two Spanish leagues, a King’s Cup, a Spanish Super Cup, three Club World Cups, two European Super Cups, three Portuguese Cups and one Primeira league.

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