Heat and fires in Italy: More than 500 fires overnight – Four dead

The "wave" of heat, which is expected to continue for a few more days, favors fires, especially in the southern regions, such as Sicily and Calabria.

The firemen gave during last night battle against more than 500 fires have killed four people in Italy , which is this week facing a heat wave with record temperatures.

“528 operations have been carried out in the last 12 hours, 230 of which in Sicily, where the situation is currently under control,” the fire brigade said in a statement.

Another was reported dead, bringing the death toll from fires this week to four, according to AFP.

An anticyclone, named Lucifer (Lucifer) , is currently crossing the Italian peninsula, raising temperatures. A record temperature of 48.8 degrees Celsius was recorded yesterday, Wednesday, in Sicily and, if this temperature is confirmed, it will be a new European record.

This heat wave, which is expected to continue for a few more days, favors fires, especially in southern regions such as Sicily and Calabria.

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The charred body of a 79-year-old man was found yesterday, Wednesday, near Reggio, Calabria, and another 77-year-old man in Calabria lost his life trying to protect his herd from the flames, according to Italian media.

On Friday, a 53-year-old and her 35-year-old nephew lost their lives, again near Regio, trying to save the family olive grove. In Calabria, where firefighters carried out around 100 operations overnight, the situation is particularly difficult near Regio.

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