Heavy dump truck crashes in the mountains

The rainfalls of the past few days are probably partly responsible for the fact that there was a spectacular accident with a construction vehicle weighing tons in Vorarlberg’s Montafon on Monday. A dump truck slipped and crashed a good 150 meters.

A 53-year-old man was on Monday in St. Gallenkirch at around 10:40 am with a 28.5-tonne dump truck coming down the goods route from the construction site of the “Valisera Bahn” mountain station. In the area of ​​a bend in the upper part of the path, the 53-year-old drove along the left edge of the road. When the man noticed that the street shoulder – probably also softened by the rain of the past few days – was giving way, he stopped the dump truck and tried to reverse.

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Due to the now completely yielding shoulder, the vehicle tipped over the edge of the road and slipped on the steep terrain. The sliding vehicle was braked by several trees and came to a standstill after about 100 to 150 meters. Nobody got hurt. The property damage cannot yet be quantified.

Emily Castillo

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