Here schools are closed due to Corona, then girls getting pregnant at the age of 12 to 13 years

New Delhi | Minor Girls Pregnant in Zimbabwe: The Omicron infection of Corona has created a ruckus all over the world. Due to which conditions like lockdown are applicable in almost all countries. From schools and colleges to markets and offices have been closed. In such a situation, people are being asked to do work from home. Meanwhile, the corona infection has created another new problem for the Zimbabwean government. Due to the havoc of Corona in the country, the government has also closed schools and colleges by imposing restrictions, due to which the cases of pregnancy of school girls have started increasing rapidly.

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Girls getting pregnant at the age of 12 to 13
The Zimbabwe government is facing a double whammy due to Corona infection. One, the economy is getting ruined due to restrictions, while now the process of girls getting pregnant before time is increasing. According to a Reuters report, during the Corona virus in Zimbabwe, girls are conceiving and leaving school at the age of 12 to 13 years. Although the government and workers have taken many steps to deal with this problem, but there is no improvement in it.

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school closed child marriage
Schools have been closed due to corona infection, but during this time the problem of child marriage and pregnancy of girls at a young age is increasing. Meanwhile, there is a significant increase in pregnancies of young girls in Zimbabwe and other South African countries.

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Girls had to be victims of sexual abuse
Let us tell you that a strict lockdown was imposed in the country in March 2020, after which relaxation was given in between. Young girls were affected a lot due to the lockdown. Many girls were victims of sexual abuse. They were deprived of birth control pills and hospital facilities. Due to the collapse of business due to the lockdown, people considered marriage and pregnancy as a way out of poverty.

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