Hindutva’s new laboratory!

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra is making Madhya Pradesh a laboratory of Hindutva. The law to stop conversion has been made in Madhya Pradesh and the state government has also made a law to compensate the agitators for the loss of government property. Apart from this, if there is any alleged incident that hurts the honor of Hindutva anywhere in the country or the world, then first of all the voice of protest comes from Madhya Pradesh. First of all, the case is also being registered there and the first warning is issued by the Home Minister of the state. The Home Minister himself supervises such cases and ensures the glory of Hinduism.

An album by porn star Sunny Leone, who has done item dances in Hindi films, has compared Radhika’s dancing in Madhuban to peacock dancing in the jungle. The Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh has been so hurt by this that he said that take back the song, or else…. The company that released this album has said that the song will be back in three days. With this the pride of Hinduism will also be restored. Stand-up comedian Munawwar Farooqui was imprisoned in the state for several months for his jokes that he had not even spoken. When Fab India called the festival of Diwali as Jashn e Rivaz, the Honorable Home Minister of MP warned to teach a lesson, after which the ad was withdrawn. At the same time, when a jewelery advertisement showed the love of two young women, Mishra ji issued a fatwa to take them back. Even when Vir Das made fun of India’s two forms in a program in America, the sharpest reaction came from Madhya Pradesh itself.

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