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India is probably the only country in the world, Whose people celebrate most of the holidays in the year. The Mumbai High Court in its latest judgment has held that public holidays are not a fundamental right. he has dismissed that petition, in which in Dadar-haveli 2 August vacation was sought. same day 1954 He was freed from Portuguese rule in Nowadays our government offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays i.e. in a year. 104 The day off is absolutely certain. 24 Holidays are religious festivals. About 30 There are other excuses for the holidays. In addition, paid holidays 30 of day and sickness 15 It’s a day. They also have casual holidays with them.

That is, in a year, our government employees almost 200 can take a day off. of course they still get paid, while they do not do any work. If we compare all the rich and developed countries of the world with India, then we will know that those nations give at least paid holidays. in America 11, in Britain 8, in china 7, in Europe 8 or 10, in japan 16, in Malaysia 19 and in Iran 27 and only in Norwegian 2 There are holidays.

Countries where workers have higher wages, Their governments and companies also give them less holidays but in countries where salaries are less, They have more holidays. Most of the employees in our country do not even work hard full time in offices. 7-8 out of hours if they 4-5 If we work hard even for hours everyday, then our India can move forward at double speed. who once got a government job, He got life insurance. If the holidays in the country are halved and the continuance of every job is reviewed every five years, then this crawling India will start running.

India calls itself secular, but politicians are inclined to take holidays in the pleasure of every religion and sect in the greed of bulk votes. Holi, Diwali, Eid, Why half a day off for Christmas and so on shouldn’t be enough, Do people have to sit at home all day long and play the bell?, There is no worship greater than one’s duty. If we want to learn its secret, then learn from our shoppers, Who are ready to serve their customers round the clock.

your independence day, Why should we not work extra for an hour on days like Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti?, Our dedication should be so intense that even if there is a big event of joy or sorrow in our house, our daily duties continue in some form or the other. No leader of his holiday-loving India has the stamina to demolish this official holiday pattern. Only these holidays can be a holiday, While there was a massive mass movement.

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