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This Tuesday the draw for the 2022 Professional League Cup was held, which defined the fixture of the contest, which will begin on February 11. In this way, they were also confirmed when and how the classics or pairings will be played.

How the classics will be played in the 2022 Professional League Cup

As the tournament will have a format of two zones of 14 teams each, the classic rivals will integrate different groups so that they can face each other on date 7 of the tournament, which will be the famous “date of classics”. Yes: they will all be played on the same weekend.

In turn, regarding the matches of the 2021 edition, for this there will be changes in some confrontations due to the promotions of Tigre and Barracas Central. The crossing between Platense and Sarmiento will be dismantled so that Calamar will face El Matador, while those from Junín will cross with El Guapo.

This is how the classics will be played in the 2022 Professional League Cup

The 2022 Professional League Cup will once again have a date for all the classics or interzonal matches, and it will be on the seventh day, scheduled for the weekend of March 20.

  • San Lorenzo – Hurricane
  • Gymnastics – Students
  • Defense and Justice – Arsenal
  • Argentines – Velez
  • River–Mouth
  • Workshops – Godoy Cruz
  • Atletico Tucuman vs Central Cordoba
  • Lanus–Banfield
  • Independent-Racing
  • Rosario Central – Newell’s
  • Aldosivi – Board of Trustees
  • Columbus–Union
  • Tiger – Platense
  • Central Barracks – Sarmiento

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