How Kartikeya Uniyal Paved The Road To His Success

Everyone comes from different places, different experiences and different aspirations. People’s goals and the paths they take are as unique as their fingerprint. Yes, at first glance it could look similar but a closer look will reveal that no two people are the same and neither are their journeys.

Since no one can fully guess anything about the other person, we were very eager to know how Kartikeya Uniyal forged his path and climbed the stairs of success.

Kartikeya Uniyal, 22 is a self-made entrepreneur and has rocked the real estate world with his genius.

To know more, we reached out to him with our questions.

To our question, “What motivated you to set out on this path”, he wrote back, “I’ve never been the one to stick to the mainstream. I have always looked for new ways to do the same things, because doing something that someone else set in place feels disingenuous. If I come up with my own idea and implement it then I’m actually working not just going through the motions. So at a young age – around 14-5 – I started thinking about what routes people’s lives take. Graduate by 21, post graduation by 24-25, then start looking for opportunities. And for me that felt like a long time, so I started working early. I’m not saying other people’s paths are wrong but I think we should all have the courage to do something new.”.

Many might think that everyone will not be able to do new things because they don’t have the resources available and lack good support. Uniyal is not ignorant of these realities, he is a regular angel investor to many startups. Uniyal believes that those who try always find a way and through these efforts he wishes to be the helping hand people need.

Uniyal also has a special love of cars, and says “cars are the first thing ever that I fell in love with”. He loves to drive super cars and participates in car races and rallies. Recently in an interview, Uniyal of the races and rallies, “It’s great to be around people who are just as enthusiastic as you. I think everyone should preserve one hobby, you essentially have a refuge to retreat to.”. He told us the same thing and emphasized on the importance of avoiding burnout and having things in place that help you cope.

Kartikeya Uniyal has a lot of things in motion and many more lined up for his future endeavours. He didn’t want to spill all his secrets but he did tell us to be on the lookout since he’ll be revealing many big projects in the coming future.

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