How strong is Cyclone Jawad? more than a rose, less than a butterfly

Cyclone Jawad will move towards the east coast of India on Saturday and Sunday. And touching the coast near North Andhra Pradesh-Odisha on Sunday, wind speed will reach 90-100 kmph gusting to 90 kmph. Jawad is a name given by Saudi Arabia and it means liberal. More than a rose, less than a butterfly, this is how Director General Mrityunjay Mohapatra described the intensity of Cyclone Jawad (pronounced as Jovad) on Friday. Cyclone Gulab, which made landfall in September, had a maximum wind speed of 85 kmph. Whereas Cyclone Titli of October 2018 had a maximum wind speed of 140 kmph. Mohapatra told a media conference that Jawad is a little more intense than a rose and certainly less than a butterfly. (cyclone jawad)

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Jawad will weaken off West Bengal coast

Cyclone Bulbul had a wind speed of 120 kmph in West Bengal two years ago. When Cyclone Jawad reaches West Bengal coast, it will weaken and wind speed will be 60-70 kmph. Jawad is not an extremely severe cyclone like Fani, Hudhud or Phailin. He said that as of now it is a severe cyclonic storm and we are expecting wind speed of 90-100 kmph near the coast. Not all develop the eye of a cyclone, he said. Usually severe to very severe cyclones develop ‘eye’. But we are determining the ‘centre’ with the help of satellite images. We have a lot of buoy observations, coastal observations, stratometers, sea surface winds that we are looking at. Also, all Doppler radars along the coast are actively monitoring the Jawad cyclone.

The act of issuing advisories for geographical areas (cyclone jawad)

As specified by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The IMD is one of the five Regional Specialized Meteorological Centers (RSMCs) for tropical cyclones established around the world. Each of them is given the task of issuing advisories for the geographical areas assigned by the WMO. IMD issues tropical cyclone advisories to the entire Indian Ocean Rim countries as well as 13 member countries – India, of course, Bangladesh, Iran, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. In turn, they name cyclones according to a protocol developed more than a decade ago. (cyclone jawad)

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