How to register for the Progresar Scholarships and what are the requirements

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernandez, together with the Minister of Education of the Nation, Jaime Perczyk, and the executive director of the National Administration of Social Security (ANSES), Fernanda Raverta, announced the expansion of the universe of beneficiaries of the Support Program for Argentine Students (Progress).

How to enroll in the Progresar Scholarships

This scholarship seeks to promote the completion of secondary studies and the return of those who dropped out of school, since now 16 and 17-year-olds can apply.

This policy is an economic contribution with conditions of enrollment, attendance and academic performance. Each student receives $ 5677 per month in 12 installments, 80% is charged through ANSES every month and the remaining 20% ​​at the end of the period, with the aim of helping students in different vulnerable situations.

How to enroll in the Progresar Scholarships

It is an educational policy aimed at improving the conditions for sustaining school trajectories, strengthening learning and re-linking those who left school during the ASPO period.

The requirements to access the Progresar Scholarships are: how to register for the Progresar Scholarships

  • Be between 18 and 24 years of age (now it would expand to cover from 16 to 24).
  • Be a regular student of an educational institution. Now it would include young people who agree to resume their studies by means of an affidavit.
  • That the income of the family group of the applicants does not exceed three minimum wages, vital and mobile.

How to enroll in the Progresar Scholarships

Out of a total of 16,854 registered for the Progresar scholarships at the beginning of the school year, the province managed to reach 32,500 thanks to the dissemination and support work carried out by the Student Policies Directorate of the Undersecretariat of Education, together with the Municipalities and other agencies of the Provincial state. In numbers, it means to Misiones an estimated income of 120 million pesos per month that strengthens the economy of the students who exercise the commitment to continue with their studies.

How to enroll in the Progresar Scholarships

For its part, the program’s “Connectivity” line represents a monthly impact of 32.5 million.

Registration will be open from December 13, 2021 to January 31, 2022. The Directorate of Student Policies, coordinated by Emilia Lunge, will be available to answer any questions and advise those who are interested in registering. In addition, more information is available on the official website of the nation,

How to enroll in the Progresar Scholarships

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