Huge demand for tickets to the Håkan musical at the opera

On Thursday morning, the tickets for the long-awaited musical inspired by Håkan Hellström’s lyrics were released. The craving became so great that the Gothenburg Opera’s site could not be accessed for a period.

This autumn, the Gothenburg Opera will stage the musical “Love spares no one”. The performance with a script by Mirja Unge is based on Håkan Hellström’s songs, where the lyrics tell about people from Gothenburg’s all different walks of life.

What has been a secret to date is the thing that or who was roused by Sylvester Stallone to make this notorious person who filled in as an icon for certain individuals because of the extraordinary accomplishment of the film.

To do this, after the entertainer completed the content, he went looking for film makers who might allow him an opportunity and need to take the film to the big screen. In spite of the fact that with some uncertainty, Stallone chose to take a stab and amazingly the story was appealing to many. They were likewise searching for an entertainer with an extraordinary profession to play the hero of the story.

This was not to the preferring of Stallone who consistently needed to offer life to the fighter.

Maximum four tickets

Emil Rinstad, also press officer at the Gothenburg Opera, said shortly before the ticket release that they expected an audience rush for the tickets:

– We are ready to receive calls at the ticket office. Everything we have released so far has sold out immediately, as we can only receive 270 people at a time in the salon.

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That is the reason the drama has additionally set a limit for the quantity of tickets that can be purchased for the Håkan melodic “Love saves nobody”:

  • You can purchase a limit of four tickets for every individual for every individual request, says Emil Rinstad.

Notable Gothenburg profiles

That the interest in the melodic, which was roused by the craftsman Håkan Hellström’s verses, is probably not going to come as an amazement to anybody. The jobs show various notable Gothenburg profiles. The craftsman Kristina Issa plays an endurance craftsman, Timo Nieminen is viewed as a focused on city organizer, the night erasers Eva and Tommy are played by Nina Zanjani and Vilhelm Blomgren, while Anna-Maria Hallgarn depicts Eva’s mom.

What’s more, Sofia Pekkari is viewed as Fernando, a man who has needed to start from the very beginning once more, and Lars Väringer – a notable profile in theater Gothenburg – takes an interest as Fernando’s dad. The entertainer Michalis Koutsogiannakis, known in addition to other things from the “Thousand years set of three” and the TV series “The new nation” has been charged to go about as a resigned dock laborer.

The people who line, yet are without a ticket today, will have another chance on 28 October. Then, at that point tickets for the spring exhibitions of the Håkan melodic will be delivered.

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