“I found a good squad, but beaten,” said Pedro Troglio, current coach of San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo He comes from 2021 where things did not go well at all, especially in sports. A priori, it was expected that his international participation would be assured and that he would fight for the local tournament, but none of that happened and now, with the arrival of Pedro Troglio to take command of the squad, a complete makeover is expected. From Pilar, where the Cyclone performs the preseason, Troglio spoke with TyC Sports Verano about the team and the club.

“I am very happy, enjoying this moment. After three years, returning to the country to a club like San Lorenzo is a nice possibility for me. It is a pride to come here ”, began Troglio. He added: “First I presented a normal and necessary enthusiasm. Now comes the other part, which is to win, which is very complex. But I think everything goes hand in hand, first you have to try to lift the spirits of the players and the people, and when we play you have to start winning, which is the most difficult thing ”.

Pedro Troglio and his first sensation in San Lorenzo: “I found a good squad, but beaten”

Pedro Troglio
Pedro Troglio, current coach of the Cyclone.

The brand new Cyclone coach analyzed what he encountered at the club and was optimistic: “I found what I thought I was going to find: a good squad, but beaten as normal when a big team doesn’t do well. But in football everything is changing. There is good material. It depends on whether we start with the positive results so that the players start to get infected ”.

“We have to believe above all things that we can. You can always compete at a good level, especially at a club like San Lorenzo. My speech has to be clear and real. Even if you don’t come from earning a lot, you have an obligation to earn a lot. For me everything is mental. It is very important that the player is mentally strong ”, declared the DT. And he added: “It is normal to get annoyed by not playing, I have no problem that in private they show me anger or anger. What I do not like is the public exteriorization, which is noticed and seen by everyone. I don’t like being exposed, I spoke about that before starting the preseason ”.

Pedro Troglio’s dream in San Lorenzo

“The people of San Lorenzo hope that we can get among the first four in the area, get to play a final and be champion. It is a difficult stop in my career. I realize what the environment is, my phone explodes. They offer you 150 thousand players, people speak to you who did not do it a lot. This has a great impact, for better or for worse. Your work is much more noticeable. But I have things to gain. I have a good squad, the club is trying to bring in players, and I am convinced that there is good material to fight. My dream is to fight as high as possible to have a good recognition, “he said.

Troglio, on Argentine football, his relationship with the San Lorenzo leadership and the reinforcements

“Today, Argentine soccer is very even. It depends on a good start, on getting infected. With confidence and game by game you can build a champion team. The illusion of all of us is to be able to get closer to River and Boca and, as a great team, to get into that fight ”, explained the experienced Argentine DT.

Regarding his relationship with the Cuervo leadership, he expressed: “I speak with the three very often: with the president (Arreceygor), with Matías (Lammens) and with Mauro (Cetto). Together we discuss reinforcement options. We are waiting for names that have not transpired to be closed ”.

To close, he referred to the heavy names on the squad such as Sebastián Torrico and Néstor Ortigoza: “I don’t guarantee ownership to anyone. I have 30 players and whoever is good will play. Both Seba (Torrico) and Orti know me, they are professionals. Soccer is not played with a document, if they are well, they will play. If Hausch or Sequeira are good, they will play ”.

SOURCE: TyC Sports.

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