I love to cook, so if I am not shooting, then there is definitely something related to food in my daily routine: Mehul Nisar

Star Plus has always enthralled and amaze its viewers through its content on every occasion. His shows have always been in the news and now his show ‘Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se’ is making a lot of headlines among the audience. The story of the show that encapsulates how a loving family thrives together, this story has surely brought a smile to the faces of the viewers in this difficult time. Cockrow & Shaika Entertainment and Magic Moments Motion Pictures present this heartwarming presentation. Mehul Nisar is playing an important role in this show where Delnaaz Irani, Manan Joshi and Yesha Rughani are also seen in lead roles. Excerpts from an exclusive conversation with veteran actor Mehul Nisar:

Show ‘sometimes by coincidence Tell us something about your character?

I play Chanchal uncle, the youngest brother of the Kulshreshtha family who is in his mid forties but considers himself young and always associates himself with the younger generation of the Kulshreshtha family. Chanchal is a very happy person. He is very close to the experience and both are more like friends than uncle and nephew.

Tell us how much preparation you have done for your character in the show?

This show is very different. All its characters are very real. Sometimes you have to give up what you have learned as an actor. Chanchal’s character is very funny and fun-filled, but she is not too loud in it. I have tried to balance my performance as much as possible and stay connected to my character.

Have you taken any specific inspiration for your character? if yes, So tell us why and how it has helped you portray your character?

As I mentioned earlier, this show is a very good show. The audience has a feel-good factor in films made by Basu Chatterjee and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. So I had to watch some of his films to understand the nuances of my character. Even if it is called a coincidence, but the character of Chanchal Chacha is very similar to me i.e. Mehul. Having fun, pulling legs (just for fun not to hurt their feelings)) are all the arts of Mehul. That’s why I have incorporated many of my qualities into the characteristics of Chanchal uncle.

How does it feel to be playing such an important role at this age?

I really feel lucky and blessed to have got a chance to play this character. Chanchal Chacha is a very important part of ‘Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se’ and I consider myself lucky that the makers, production house Shaika and Cockroo Entertainment have trusted my abilities to play this character.

,sometimes by coincidence What do you want to showcase from the role of Golu Chacha in?

There are people in our life who bring a smile on everyone’s face when we think about it and I want to bring smile on people’s faces by playing the role of Chanchal Chacha.

,sometimes by coincidence Other co-stars on the set of (Yesha, Tell us something about your bond with Manan and Delnaaz)?

With Manan, I mingled from day one of the promo shoot. I am happy for this to happen because most of my scenes are with him. Yesha is also a very sweet girl and we have a lot of fun shooting together. Incidentally, Manan and I share the same mother tongue and Yesha is Gujju as well as Delnaaz is Parsi. So we all have this special gujju connection. I have known Delnaaz for a long time as we have many common friends, but we never worked together. Delnaaz and I make many reels together on the sets and they all have a lot of fun together.

What is it that makes your day as an actor?

I think if you ask an honest actor, his answer will be the same. A great performance and well written scene for your director and audience, which every actor wants to do.

year 2022 What is your agenda for

I have no such agenda. I welcome each day with open arms.

How do you keep yourself positive and motivated during this difficult time?

As I said earlier you need a very strong support system to survive in this city. So try to keep all negative people and negativity away from your life. Be calm, be around people you love and who love you. Try to do something creative in your spare time.

Tell us something about your daily routine and personal life routine?

I am an early riser. Then it doesn’t matter what time I sleep at night, I get up at 6:30 in the morning. I am a complete get-together person with family and friends. If I wasn’t an actor, I would have been a chef. I love cooking. During the lockdown, I started posting my cooking recipes on YouTube. And my usual routine is to go vegetable shopping, watch cookery shows, travel across Mumbai to taste different types of cuisines. I love street food. I like to hang out with friends and cook for them. So if I am not shooting, then there is definitely something related to food in my daily routine.

How do you bring balance to your work and personal life?

To be honest, actors lead very unpredictable lives. If there is work then you are shooting everyday, if there is no work then you are spending time at home. So when I am not working I spend full time with my family. Also, in the meantime it is very important to have a very understanding partner who gets used to the lifestyle of an actor.

What is the one thing that fueled your passion for acting?

As I have already said that acting is a process where you always try something new. The fact that you give a face to the lines your character writes for him, his composition and his imagination. It is also true that every day when you wake up and go to work, you know that you are going to do something new, creative and satisfying for yourself that keeps your passion for acting alive.

Why did you take up acting as a profession? Was this always your dream?

I have been inclined towards drama since childhood. I used to take part in school plays. My heart always knew that I wanted to be an actor, after which I worked hard on it. I got my first show Hip Hip Hurray in 1998. God is merciful then I didn’t have to look back.

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