Illicit relations: I had an illicit relationship with the mother, kept a dirty eye on the daughter, committed murder together…

Noida | Illicit relations Noida News : The condition of illicit relations is always bad, a similar case has come to the fore from Noida Extension. The police have arrested the mother and daughter for the murder of a person. The material used in the murder has also been recovered from both of them. The police have also recovered a blood-stained blanket, the mobile phone of the deceased and a knife from the accused mother and daughter. There was a sensation in the area after this murder in Bisrakh area of ​​Noida. Initially, the mother daughter tried to mislead the police a lot, but after being with the police, both of them spilled the truth.

Illicit relations Noida News :

illicit relationship with mother

Illicit relations Noida News : During the interrogation of the police, the accused mother daughter has told that the deceased had an illicit relationship with the mother. Both told that for the last 5 years, a love affair was going on between them. No one was aware of this except these two. Mother told that everything was going well, my husband did not even know about it. The mother told that in the last few months, her lover’s eyes fell on her daughter and he started insisting on having a relationship with her too.

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Mother daughter conspired together

Illicit relations Noida News : During interrogation, the mother-daughter told the police that both were disturbed by the actions of the deceased person. He would often ask the mother to have a relationship with the daughter and also started torturing her for it. After this one day the mother told the whole truth to her daughter. Then the mother and daughter together hatched a conspiracy to kill the person. At present, the police have arrested both of them and are preparing to present them in court.

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