Imran Khan recognized the talent of former Pakistani player Waqar Younis in the condition of illness, saw the match in this condition

The name of Waqar Yunus is also included in the legendary players of Pakistan cricket team. Waqar Younis is such a player who has returned the pavilion to many legendary batsmen in his career. Along with his strong bowling, many of his discussions also remain in the headlines. He was paired with Wasim Akram as the bowling of both was unmatched. However, with the passage of time, there was a rift in their strong friendship and there were many distances between the two.

This Pakistani fast bowler Waqar Younis was found by former captain Imran Khan for the Pakistan team. Before joining the Pakistan team, Waqar Younis used to play at the local level. One such match was being broadcast on TV, in which Waqar Yunus bowled brilliantly. Imran Khan was very impressed after seeing the bowling of Waqar Yunus. In fact, Imran Khan was sick then and was watching TV while lying on the hospital bed to kill boredom.

Meanwhile, changing the channel, he got a chance to watch a local match in which he saw Waqar Younis bowling. This information was given by Imran Khan himself. He had said in an interview to the media that I was lying on the bed in a state of illness due to food poisoning. I started watching TV in the meantime and the match coming on one of the channels interrupted me. In this match, a player bowled brilliantly.

While watching this match, it could not be found that who is this fast bowling player. But it was investigated and found out. It was very difficult to find out about this player because no one had any news about him. But later it came to know that that player was Waqar Younis.

Please tell that Waqar Yunus was a very veteran and fast bowler of his time. He had shown the way to the pavilion to the biggest batsmen on the basis of his ball. Waqar Younis has played 300 matches for Pakistan. He took 373 wickets in 87 Tests. In ODIs, he has taken 416 wickets in 262 matches.

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