Imran Khan said- Millions of people died of corona in India and we were saved by Allah…

Rawalpindi | Imran Khan On India : What respect is left in the world of Pakistan, it is not printed at all. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who grew up on the pieces of Saudi Arabia, America and China, does not seem to be diminishing. Prime Minister Imran Khan, who fed his people by bringing loans from all over the world, once again attacked India indirectly. Patting himself on the back in the Corona case, Imran Khan said that Pakistan has done a very good job during the pandemic. Imran Khan further says that the situation in Pakistan was much better than India. He further says that due to the pandemic, India’s growth rate went down while Pakistan’s economy has strengthened further.

people in the world are praising us

Imran Khan On India : Imran Khan said these things during the inauguration of the 14th International Summit organized by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday. The Prime Minister said that the way Pakistan has come out of Corona, the way Allah has taken us out, people all over the world are praising us. He said that we have saved the economy as well as the people. Look in the world how Kovid-19 has caused havoc.

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India’s growth rate has gone to minus…

Imran Khan On India : Taking the name of India, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that India was ahead of us in economic matters and the growth rate was also good. But now the growth rate has gone to minus, it is not known how many people died there. There is a boy who killed 10 lakh people, someone says that 30 lakhs, see how much relief Allah has given to us.

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