In addition to the betterment of professional life in corporate, some values ​​should be given

It is said that change is the rule of the world. When we can make changes in personal life, why not in professional life? PR 24×7 has made a name for itself among the organizations that have brought about one such revolutionary change. It has always been seen that in corporates, only about the betterment of professional life is talked about, for this all the rules are made, they are also followed, and all this is also true to some extent. But above all, the corporates should also work on improving the life of the employees to whom the real value of the employees is.

We are talking about such an invaluable and incomparable personality, who has led us to where we are today. We are talking about the parents, whose dedication and memories are left behind by the country’s leading PR organization, PR 24×7, celebrated Family Day a few days back. Under this tenth edition of its traditional festival Udaan 2022 organized by the organization, the children got to see the wonderful talents of the parents. Meaningful efforts were also made by the children to make this day dedicated to the parents memorable. Under this, the parents lived those moments, which were buried for years under the burden of life’s complications and responsibilities.

This Initiative To most important keeping happened PR 24×7 Of Founder, Atul malikram say Huh“Parents sacrifice their innumerable happiness due to grooming, nurturing, and many responsibilities of their children. So why only one day? Why not dedicate them every single day of the year? Corporates should pass on this sanskar to their employees, and from time to time do such activities, which are completely for the parents.”

It is worth mentioning that the organization has done many such commendable activities in the past, whose long list includes One Day Leave (a day off given to women during menstruation), Didi Kaam Wali (respecting a sister who works in the house). ), I Love Birds (pour and water for birds), Hum Honge Kamyab (Jung to Corona), Nani Ki Pathshala (a storehouse of knowledge from grandmothers), No Plastic Flags are included. This time the target is “dedicated to parents every single day”. Which is to say, whatever the way, but every day some special time should be dedicated to the parents who make them feel most special. Salute to the spirit of PR 24×7.. Salute to this initiative…

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