In Bihar, his ministers and son have more assets than CM NITISH KUMAR

Patna , Allied ministers in his cabinet, including the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar (CM NITISH KUMAR) have made announcements about their properties. Looking at these announcements, many members of his cabinet are also richer than Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Not only this, his son Nishant (Nitish Kumar Son Nishant) is also richer than Nitish. In 2010, the Nitish government made it mandatory for all ministers in the government to disclose their assets details on the first of every year.

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According to the details of their assets given by the ministers in the website of the Cabinet Secretariat Department, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (NITISH KUMAR) currently has Rs 29,385 in cash. Nitish has movable assets worth 16 lakh 51 thousand and immovable assets worth 58 lakh 85 thousand. His son Nishant is the owner of movable and immovable assets worth one crore 63 lakh and one crore 98 lakh.

Nitish Kumar (NITISH KUMAR) owns a car worth 11 lakh 32 thousand, while his son rides a car worth six lakh 40 thousand. Nitish Kumar (CM NITISH KUMAR) is also fond of rearing cows. He currently has 13 singers and 9 children.

The Chief Minister has a flat in Dwarka, Delhi, whose price is currently being told around 58 lakhs. The Chief Minister has deposited an amount of 42 thousand in the bank account, while he is also the owner of jewelery worth about 94 thousand.

Apart from this, his cabinet colleagues from the Chief Minister are also richer than him. Mukesh Sahni is also included in the list of richest ministers in the cabinet.

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Animal Husbandry Minister Mukesh Sahni, Minister of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department, has movable assets of about Rs. one crore 31 lakh and immovable assets of Rs.8 crore 34 lakh. Mukesh Sahni’s wife also has immovable assets worth one crore 37 lakhs and movable assets of 51 lakhs. Sahni also owns a commercial building in Mumbai.

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Here, Deputy Chief Minister Tarakishor Prasad is fond of vehicles. Prasad owns Bolero, Tata Indigo, Scorpio and Innova vehicle. The Deputy Chief Minister has Rs 10,000 in cash while his wife has Rs 15,000 in cash. Prasad has deposited Rs 32 lakh in his various bank accounts. Prasad has 50 grams of gold while his wife owns 400 grams of gold.

Here, another Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi is fond of jewelry. The Deputy Chief Minister has half a kg of gold jewelery while the silver jewelery is more than one kg. Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi is also fond of weapons. They also have pistols and rifles.

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Here, if we talk about Water Resources Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha, then his wife is richer than him. Jha has 98 lakh 95 thousand in the form of movable property, while his wife has assets worth 7 crore 36 lakh. These include deposits in various banks in the names of both, LIC, purchase of gold, silver and vehicles.

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