Independiente, San Lorenzo, Talleres, Colón and Arsenal still do not have a technical director

Independiente and San Lorenzo, two of the biggest teams with the worst performance in 2021, top the list of clubs immersed in the coaching market.

After the suspension of the elections, the “Red” must define this week the situation of Julio César Falcioni.

The “Emperor” has a contract until December 31, but it will be difficult for him to remain in office in 2022.

In the last meeting that the main leaders had (without the presence of Daniel “Rolfi” Montenegro) there were more voices in favor of a change of coaching staff but the final decision will be made by President Hugo Moyano.

San Lorenzo has been looking for a coach since the end of October when the Uruguayan Paolo Montero split.

In the midst of the institutional crisis, the last DT for which there was consensus was the Uruguayan Alexander Medina but finally it could not be specified. Against this background, the most viable option is the return of the idol Leandro Romagnoli.

The “Pipi” was already as interim in May of this year and now he would return with a coaching staff reinforced by the physical trainer, Alejandro Kohan.

Talleres, the third best team of 2021, could not retain “Cacique” Medina, who after two and a half years decided not to renew the bond and has proposals from Brazilian football.

The main candidate to replace him in the “T” is his compatriot Paulo Pezzolano.

This young 38-year-old DT had one last experience in Pachuca, a club whose shareholder is Andrés Fassi, president of the Cordoba club.

In Uruguayan football he directed Montevideo City Torque and Liverpool

The other candidate who had Talleres was Jorge Almirón, who finally agreed to his return to Lanús.

The case of Colón de Santa Fe is striking since a week ago the resignation of Eduardo Domínguez was known, but the club has not yet made the decision of the coach who won the historic title official.

Just two days ago it emerged that the former Huracán DT contacted President José Vignatti to confirm his decision.

The «Sabalero» still does not have a name to face the hard loss of «Barba» Domínguez in the previous one of a year full of competition.

Finally, Arsenal, which ended the year with Darío Espínola’s interim, is the other team that has not yet closed its coaching staff.

For ten days the most concrete option is that of Leonardo Carol Madelón but there was still no officialization by the club, much less the signing of the contract.

It is also worth mentioning the situation of Barracas Central, newly promoted to the highest category.

The day after winning the reduced against Quilmes, Rodolfo De Paoli questioned his continuity since he wants the continuity of most of the footballers and also reinforcements.

Atlético Tucumán, Sarmiento and Newell’s defined their new drivers during December and the preseason will begin with Juan Manuel Azconzábal, Israel Damonte and Javier Sanguinetti, respectively.

Source: Tèlam

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