India may be the cheapest producer of green hydrogen: Kant

New Delhi| NITI Aayog Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Amitabh Kant said on Tuesday that India could be the cheapest producer of green hydrogen in the world due to favorable climatic conditions. At a session of the ‘Raisina Dialogue’ event, Kant said that India has reduced the cost of renewable energy. “India has size and scale.

India may be the cheapest producer of green hydrogen in the world… the country has a favorable climate for it and is in a position to do so. to produce cheaply.

India must compete with West Asian countries. He said that the country is the largest consumer of green hydrogen and will become the center of the world in terms of green hydrogen production.

According to Kant, the long-term solution for the world on the climate front is not a battery. “The world cannot depend on lithium, cobalt and nickel … the world’s resources are managed by one country.”

Second, it will create its own complexities of creating a cleaner world for the future, he said.

Shivam Bangwal

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