India tops in start ups: Modi

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his Mann Ki Baat program on Sunday that India is becoming the first in the world in terms of start-ups. He said that in India 70 There are more start ups like this, Which has crossed the one billion dollar valuation. Mann Ki Baat program on Sunday 83The episode aired. In this, the Prime Minister talked about the Amrit Festival of Independence and also mentioned the Vrindavan Gallery made in Australia. During this, he also talked to the people taking advantage of government schemes. Narnedra Modi start ups

When Rajesh Kumar, who got treatment through Ayushman card, blessed Modi to remain in power, So the Prime Minister said – don’t bless me to be in power, I always want to be engaged in service. Modi said in his address – today’s era is the era of start-ups and India is leading the world in this field., Where 70 More than one start-up has crossed a valuation of over a billion dollars.

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It is worth mentioning that start up units that cross a valuation of more than one billion dollars are called unicorns. Referring to this, the Prime Minister said – in any country with a large youth population, three things – ideas and innovation, The passion to take risks and the spirit of doing are very important. He said when these three things come together, Unprecedented results are achieved and there is charisma. Modi said these days we start up all around us, start up, Listen to startup. It is true that this is the era of start ups and it is also true that India is in a way a world leader in the field of start ups.

The Prime Minister said that in view of the contribution of the tribal community in independence, the country has also celebrated Tribal Pride Week. Programs related to this were also held in different parts of the country. In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the people of the tribal communities like Jarawa and Onge displayed their culture. He also told that a devotee of Perth, Australia has made Vrindavan, Where the tableau of Lord Krishna’s life is shown.

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