Indian Navy is ready to meet any security challenge – Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar

New Delhi: Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar on Friday 3 December said that the Indian Navy is fully confident of safeguarding India’s maritime interests and is acquiring the platforms in view of the potential security challenges facing the country. Addressing a press conference on Navy Day 2021, Admiral R Hari Kumar said the details of the proposed maritime command were being worked out and indicated that its basic structure could come by next year. The Navy Chief said the creation of the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) along with the creation of the post of CDS is the biggest reform in the Army since independence. It enables faster decision making and fewer layers of bureaucracy. ( Navy Day 2021)

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Navy confident of India’s maritime defense

On the roadmap for unmanned systems, Admiral Hari Kumar said that we have a ten year road map with plans for indigenous unmanned aerial, underwater and autonomous systems. He said that the Indian Navy keeps an eye on Chinese incursions in the Indian Ocean. Having said that the activities of that country are closely monitored. I would like to assure the nation that the Indian Navy is ready to meet any security challenge. The Navy Chief said that we are aware of the development of the construction of 110 warships of the Chinese Navy in the last few years. Our plans will factor into all activities and deployments in the IOR. I would like to assure you that the Indian Navy is confident of India’s maritime defence.

Two challenges before the Indian Navy ( Navy Day 2021)

According to him, the Chinese Navy is present in the Indian Ocean region since 2008 and they have seven to eight warships. Our aircraft and ships are under constant surveillance and their movements are being closely monitored. Our northern borders and the situation of COVID19 pose two complex challenges and the Indian Navy is well prepared to meet both the challenges. The Navy Chief said that out of 39 warships and submarines being built for the Indian Navy, 37 are being built in India under ‘Make in India’. Which reflects our quest for a self-reliant India. We have taken measures to provide additional opportunities to women officers. The first female provost officer joined in March this year. The Navy is gearing up to induct women in various capacities. ( Navy Day 2021)

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